Who inspires You?: Here Are My Top 5 Inspirators

Who inspires You? Here I  going to gist you my top five Inspirators and make me want to do more even when I’m down.
Who inspires You?: Here Are My Top 5 Inspirators
Here we go.
I am a blogger, so top bloggers inspires me.
Talking about Who inspires You mean those who when you look up to, you become gingered to attain their level.
Who inspires You
Who inspires You

Should I stop there? Hell No! I’m going to list those top bloggers that inspires me and tell you why.
Let’s proceed.

Who inspires You? Here are my top 5 inspirators

1. Seun Osewa

The first on my list of Who inspires You is Seun Osewa, the owner of Nairaland.
 Believe you me, this guy is a dope boss.
A silent money maker.
I have being an active member of Nairaland since 2007 and believe me, Nairaland is fun.
Nairaland forum doesn’t struggle in getting contents. People willingly post on Nairaland and it would be a thing of joy if their post happens to grace Front Page.
Seun Osewa was a programmer before he created Nairaland.
He tried different means to earn online until he founded Nairaland.
Imagine sitting down doing nothing but earning? Well, nice work Seun.
Someday, I hope to have workers working for me without while I just sit and coordinate.
I hope Lalasticlala gets to see this post, but of course he won’t because this isn’t a snake thread. If you know, you know😁😁.

2. Abass Toriola

He is the owner of Nigeriafinder.com which was founded in the year 2013.
 Well, it seems like he knows all when it comes to information facts around the world, and Nigeria in Particular.
He is a lifestyle blogger just like me and I respect him so much.
You can’t search about the Networth and biography of any Artist in Nigeria without his blog gracing Google’s front page.
I love his domain authority.
Whenever I write a content, publish and search that content, i see his blog on first Google page without seeing mine, this alone keeps me spirited to beat or be equal to his blog someday.
We sha get there though.

3. Neil Patel

He owns Neilpatel.com. This guy is a king when it comes to  SEO craftness.
Don’t crack your head trying to recall if you know him or not.  Just check ‘Neil Patel’ on Google.
If your blog is nothing to write home about in terms of ranking and he handles the keyboard for your blog, just know that your blog is ranking first page on that article.
I don’t know how he does that but he is superb.
I wish to process such wisdom of SEO some day.

4. Makinde Azeez

Makinde Azeez the owner of Naijaloaded which was created in 2009.
I always salivate and feel hungry for his traffic whenever I check his Alexa ranking.
I don’t know how he started but for sure, he is one of my favorite blogger.
Naijaloaded’s traffic is what I would spend my last dime to get.
 You can’ts search about a particular thing on search engine without Naijaloaded on Google’s front page? Never!
Azeez bro, keep soaring high

5. Victor Benjamin

No blogger can motivate me without me motivating myself first.
I am by name Victor Onyenobi, the owner of Gistfam.com which was created 2019.
Well, if I start talking about myself and how my blog  came to be then encyclopedia would be a child’s play.
I inspire myself even when all hope is lost, then others follows.
These are my of who inspires me. What about you? Who inspires You
So here we go.
Tell us what and who inspires you or motivates you
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