Valentine day Gifts 2019: Top 10 Gifts For Your girlfriend

Valentine day Gifts 2019
Valentine day Gifts 2019


Do you have a crush, girlfriend or wife you wish to impress with special gift on the fourth coming Valentine day 2019? Then you are in the right place because we are going to tell you the best guild on Top Valentine Day Gifts 2019.

Well, when have you being dating her? Of course. During the period you guys were dating, you must have known what she loves best. What kind of gift makes you remember your girlfriend? What kind of gift trills her.

Some people may say money.. Hahaha.. Money, money, money on every 21st girl’s mind now.

But do you know that not everything boils down to money.

Brother, if you meet your girl on Valentine day with these Valentine Day Gifts 2019 offers that i am going to tell you, and she refused it asking for a replacement of money, that girl isn’t for you.

If she is angry and tries to threaten you with breakup, play “One Ticket” by Kiss Daniel and Davido for her.

I must not give you all my cash just to prove my love for you.

So with these Valentine Day Gifts 2019, be rest assured that she would be very indebted to you..

At least, for making her day.

Valentine Day Gifts 2019: Top 10 gifts for your girlfriend


10. Candy

Valentine day Gifts 2019
Valentine day Gifts 2019

The 10th on my list of the Valentine day Gifts 2019

A candy can even make a casual friend become your lover.

We recommend sweetheart candy.
Get this candy and know the perfect lines to use. Bet me, she is all yours.


9. Create a special card for her

Valentine day Gifts 2019
Valentine day Gifts 2019

This is one of the most least budget Valentine Day Gifts 2019:

Remember, your plan is not to spend much money.

Don’t worry, she will understand.

Before the Valentine day, get a cardboard paper, design it to your taste.

Write sweet romantic Valentine messages to her telling her how much you love her and boom!!! You have captured her heart.

8. Buy or play cool  musics for her

Valentine day Gifts 2019
Valentine day Gifts 2019

Play her cool love music has taken the 8th position of the top Valentine day Gifts 2019

Have you ever be in a room with your lover or girlfriend with romantic love music at the background?

If you have not, then you need to try this.

Invite her to your home ( well furnished and decorated home), and play any love song for her.

Make her feel she is special. Trust me, she will never forget you

I recommend Taylor Swift’s latest song “Reputation.” That song is bae.


7. Buy her Love or romantic books

Valentine day Gifts 2019
Valentine day Gifts 2019

There is love beyond facial looks. Yes! Every girl love being told she’s beautiful.

But do you know you can also make her feel more special by just gifting her a romance book?

She will get to know that you appreciate her brain also, and not just her beauty


6. Get he Body Lotions accessories

Valentine day Gifts 2019
Valentine day Gifts 2019

This one on our list of Valentine Day Gifts 2019 demands some money.

Get her foamy soaps and nice cented lotion.

This is as a result to tell her how special she is to you.


5. Buy her nice perfume

Valentine day Gifts 2019
Valentine day Gifts 2019

There is nothing that makes a girl fall in love than gifting her a nice smelling perfume ….

Just trust me with this. Not cheap perfume, but something really of height quality

4. Get nice Jewelries for her

Valentine day Gifts 2019
Valentine day Gifts 2019

Jewelries falls on the 4th position of top Valentine Day Gifts 2019.

‘A love shaped” jewelries like the one on the picture below is preferable


3. Buy her a teddy bear.

Valentine day Gifts 2019
Valentine day Gifts 2019

Look for a cute teddy bear for her. Believe me you, she can never sleep without  thinking about you with that teddy bear wrapped in her arms.

Have you seen when a lady sleeps with teddy bear before? You will love it.

She will sleep, folding the teddy bear around them dreaming about you.


2. Gift her a packaged Chocolate

Valentine day Gifts 2019
Valentine day Gifts 2019

Gifting her chocolate occupied the 2nd position of Valentine day Gifts 2019

Gifting her a packaged Chocolate is one of the special way to tell your girl how special they are to you.

Remember, chocolate is not just for eating sake, it symbolise Love and commitment.

Mere giving of chocolate to a girl can make you both fall in love.

As you know, almost everyone tends to eat chocolate due to emotional reasons


1. Get her a Rose

Valentine day Gifts 2019
Valentine day Gifts 2019

Of course, this should occupy my number 1 spot of Valentine Day Gifts 2019.

Giving Rose on Valentine day is a Tradition which must be followed.

Even if you give her all 9 gifts without Rose, brother, your gifts are incomplete.

Look for a precious Rose and use any of the above to do the finishing torching.

I bet you, if she was angry with you her mood must change.

Rose has a way if healing wounds.

Are you confused on the kind of Rose you should buy? Well, let me tell you all kind of roses and what they can represent.

  1. Red Rose: Red Rose symbolizes Romance and emotional love. And it may also symbolises sacrifices.
  2. Yellow Rose: Yellow Rose represent Protection against wicked lovers who comes into a relationship to break heart.It also represent Joy and Mature love
  3. White Rose: A white Rose represent Pureness and secret crush
  4. Pink Rose: Pink Rose represent Innocency, and healing
  5. Blue Rose: Blue Rose represent something you can’t achieve or impossible
  6. Black Rose: No need for this one, and no body will use it for any body. But incase you still want to know, it represent Death.


So, follow your mind, don’t be shy when you are with her face to face.

Maybe you are holding the paper card, don’t be shy in giving her. This would even male her love you more

These are my little advise for those who wants to make their girlfriends or lovers happy. Trust me, with this  Valentine day Gifts 2019, she is all yours.

We look forward to your meaningful contributions. Remember, it could also help solve others need.

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