Top Richest Countries In Europe 2019 And Their Per Capita


Top Richest Countries In Europe 2019 And Their Per Capita

Everybody loves to go to Europe because of it beauty landscape and its sophisticated environment. The word comprises of 190 countries with Europe  alone taking over 50 countries. [ Top Richest Countries In Europe 2019 And Their Per Capita ]

Europe Occupies 10.18 million km.
So with this we are going to discuss the list the Top Richest Countries In Europe 2019 And Their Per Capita

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Of course when talking about economical development in terms of revenue and per capita you must surely include Europe.

Many countries in Europe are above the globally poverty rate making them one of the major giants in Economy wise. That’s why we are going to discuss the Top Richest Countries In Europe 2019 And Their Per Capita

So let us list the top richest countries in Europe 2019 and their per capita before detailed explanations

  • Germany: Germany has a per capita of $46,268.64
  • Belgium: Belgium has a per capita of $47,000
  • Iceland: Iceland has a per capita of $47,461.19
  • Austria: Austria had a per capita of $50, 546.70
  • Netherlands: Netherlands has a per capita of $50, 790
  • Sweden: Sweden has a per capita of $60,430
  • Ireland: Ireland has a per capita of $61,375
  • Switzerland: Switzerland has a per capita of $84,815.41
  • Norway: Noway has a per capita of $100,818.50,
  • Luxembourg: Luxembourg has a per capita of $110,697

10. Germany With A Per Capita Of $46,268.64


Germany has taken the 10th position of the Top Richest Countries In Europe 2019 And Their Per Capita $46,268,64

The country no doubt is one of the most populated countries in Europe after the European part of Russia.

It has a population of 82.79 million and covers the land mass of 357,021 km approximately 137,847 sq miles.

They have a Per Capita of 46,

It is recognized as the strongest Economy in Europe.

Germany is a developed country with beautiful and lovely structures which makes it one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world.

All over the globe Germany is respected for the expertise and professionalism in sports.

Technology also is one of the main source of revenue in Germany they are known for producing powerful automobiles such as Porsche, Audi and Mercedes-Benz.

Germany main source of income is production and manufacturing.

They also export finished products to other countries, and as a result of this, making Germany the top three exporting countries in the world.

In Nominal GDP Germany secured the 4th position among the 196 countries in the world.

Interesting Facts about Germany

  1. With over 82 million people, Germany is recognized as the most populated country in Europe apart from European part of Russia
  2.  German people are the second highest beer consumers in the world with an average of 107 litres a single person per year. Czech republic came first.
  3. Berlin’s Zoologischer Garten in Germany is the largest zoo in the world because of the population and number of species in the zoo.
  4. The biggest train station in Europe is found in Berlin
  5. The second highest producers of cars after Japan and also second producers of motors in general, USA is the first.

9. Belgium With A Per Capita Of $47000

It  is a sovereign state which is situated at the Western Region of Europe.

Belgium which is already known as kingdom of Belgium shares border with North Sea countries like Germany, Luxembourg, France and Netherlands.

The land area of Belgium is 30,528 km with a population of 11.35 million. According to research, the population of Belgium is equivalent to 0.15% of the world population.

Belgium collect 57.8 tax rate making it one of the most highest tax rate in Europe. They Occupies 4th position  just after France with 66.6

Are you looking for beautiful ladies? then Belgium shouldn’t be left out because you’ll find a lot of them there and as a matter of fact, they are envied for their delicious succulent Chocolates.

Belgium is also a place everyone would love to visit for vacations.

Their Per capita is $47,000.
This placed them among the Top Richest Countries In Europe 2019 And Their Per Capita

8. Iceland with A Per Capita of 47,469,19

Iceland is located in Region of North Atlantic Ocean. It is also known as Iceland Nation. Iceland has a little population 338,349 with a land mass of 103,000 km.

Population in Iceland is a major factor that contribute to the vast average income of $47,461.19.

Iceland was a former colony of Denmark from the year 1380 to 1918.

Iceland later secured the prestige to be called a republic in the year 1944 after their independence in 1918.

The per capita of Iceland is $47,461.19 making theie standard of living high.

Iceland is massively known for volcano activities. There are over 125 active Volcano in Iceland.
Other characteristics are larva field, beautiful landscape and geysers.

It will also blow your mind that, Iceland has no forest.

Iceland was formed in a very harsh situations: volcanoes and glaciers. But that doesn’t mean that trees cannot grow there.

However, with the advent of Vikings, almost every native tress where cut down.

Though reforestation has being attempted but when you visit this country, you will still notice lack of tress there.

No doubt Iceland is one of the most developed and most beautiful nations in the world with it natural beautiful attributes.


7. Austria With a Per Capita of $50,546,70

Austria is situated at Central region of Europe with German language as it official speaking language.

They are among the least populated countries in Europe.

Also known as Republic of Austria was under the colony of Hapsburgs from 1282 to 1918.
They became a Republic in 1919.

The country has a land mass of 83,879 km and its population is over 8million

Austria took the 7th position of the richest countries in Europe with its per capita of 50,546.70

Austria is a beautiful country and for sure a place for tourist destination.

They have made huge national income from tourist visitors.

Even though they have lots of tourist attracted areas, ‘City of Vienna’ happens to be the most recognized among others.

Per capita if Austria is $50, 546.70

Interesting Facts About Austria

  1.  Austria is the only country in EU that is not a member of NATO
  2. Porsche sport car was founded by Ferdinand Porsche who was an Austrian. Volkswagen was also designed by him
  3. Austrian Alps covers 62% of Austria land area
  4. About one fourth(¼ ) of Austria population resides in Vienna the capital city


6. Netherlands With a Per Capita Of $50,790

They made the 6th position of the Top Richest Countries In Europe 2019 And Their Per Capita

Netherlands also known as Holland is situated in Western Region Europe.

The country occupies a land mass of 42,508 km and has a population of over 17 million.

Netherland shares border with Germany and Belgium.

They have friendly and lovely people.

Did I forget to tell you that the have the taller sets of people in the world?
Men are measured 184 cm and 170 cm for women.

UNICEF reported in 2007 that the best place for children to leave in Netherlands

They have two country capitals, Amsterdam (the official capital) and The Hague (the seat if the Government and the first capital)

Netherlands was the first country to legalize same-sex marriage in the year 2001. And it would shock you to know that prostitution in Netherlands is legal.

Rotterdam which is located in the southern Netherlands is the biggest seaport in the world.

In 1820, its’ GDP was the highest in the world, and in 1900, Belgium overtook Netherlands placing them the second.

Light drugs such as cannabis are legal in Netherlands. But not randomly legal as only licensed coffee shops are allowed to sell them.

Their Per Capita is $50,790


5. Sweden With a Per Capita of $60,430

They occupied the 5 position of the Top Richest Countries In Europe 2019 And Their Per Capita

Sweden is a country located in the North region of Europe.

It has a land area of 450,295 km.  9 percent of Sweden land is occupied by lake and almost half of its land is occupied by forest.

Alternatively called kingdom of Sweden, happens to be one of the Scandinavian countries with a population of over 10,000,000 residents.

Sweden is well popular for its enticing island and coastal cities.

They benefited massively from exploration.

Sweden also exports iron, steel, paper etc to other countries.

They maintain the 5 position of the most richest European countries with a per capita of $60,430 making the country 8th highest GDP per capita in the world.

Interesting Facts about Sweden

  1. After France and Spain, Sweden has the largest land area in Europe
  2. They have the lowest gender gap of employment rate with just 4% men more than women
  3. In 2006, Sweden was declared the most generous country in the world.
  4. Sweden falls in second position in technological achievement followed closely after finland


4. Ireland With a Per Capita of $61,375

They took the 4th spot of the Top Richest Countries In Europe 2019 And Their Per Capita

Ireland is a smaller country situated in the North Atlantic Ocean. There at lots of island in Ireland making the 13th country with the highest number of island and 3rd in Europe.

It also consisted of high mountains of about 3000ft.

The land area of Ireland is 70,273 km with the population if over 4.7 million.

England conquered Ireland in the 16th century making them a dependent nation under England until the 18th century.

Ireland was in alliance with Great Britain during this period, until its later splits into Northern Irish and the free state in 1921.

Just like many other European countries, Ireland is also a tourist attracted Country. In fact, they earn massively from tourism in national income alone.

Ireland has sanitary environment and beautiful atmosphere which adds species to the tourist visitors.

Ireland is the 4th richest country with a Per capita of $61,375.

Interesting Facts about Ireland

  • Ireland is a free snake zone
  • Ireland is the only country in Europe where Abortion is still illegal. Except it is done to save the life of the mother


3. Switzerland With a  Per Capita of $84,815.3

Top Richest Countries In Europe 2019 And Their Per Capita
Top Richest Countries In Europe 2019 And Their Per Capita

Switzerland is a beautiful country whose territory stretch to Alps and the Jura Mountains.

The got their independence in the year 1499, and their official languages are German, French and Italian.

Alternatively called Swiss Confederation is a well known country in Europe situated in Central region of Europe.

Switzerland is a small country with a land area of about 15,940 square miles.

Switzerland no doubt has enormous achievement when talking about growth in economy.

They are widely known for the covered-snow mountain which attracts these winter tourist. The mountains looks very beautiful during winter.

They have a population of 8 million residents, and have being able to manage a steady growth economically with a great per capita of $84,815.4.

With this substantial per capita, the deserve the list of the richest country in Europe.


2. Norway With a Per Capita of 100,818.50

Top Richest Countries In Europe 2019 And Their Per Capita
Top Richest Countries In Europe 2019 And Their Per Capita

The country, Norway falls on my list of Top Richest Countries In Europe 2019 And Their Per Capita

Norway, also known as kingdom of Norway is situated in North West Europe.

Norway is also part of the Scandinavian countries in Europe and have being colonized by Denmark and Sweden for many years.

They got their independent in the year 1905.

Norway is one of the richest country in Europe with a per capita of $100,818.50.

They have a ruling system which is the monarchy system of Government and their country is also a sovereign state.

Norway is a small country with a population of just 5,258,317, in a land area of 148,747 square miles.

Tourism happens to play a very strong role in the economy of Norwegians.

The landscape of Norway includes glamorous museums and also glaciers, and mountains adding some beautiful spiciness to its natural beauty.

Their Per Capita is $100,818.50, and Norway is considered to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Interesting facts about Norway

  • The deepest lake in Europe is called Hornindalsvatnet, in Norway with it depth of 514 m (1,686 ft)
  • Vinnufossen in Norway is Europe highest waterfall (860 m / 2,822 ft) and the 6th in the world
  • In 2011, Norway was the fifth highest exporters of oil in the world. Beating Nigeria, Kuwait and Canada.


1. Luxembourg With a Per Capita of $110,697

Top Richest Countries In Europe 2019 And Their Per Capita
Top Richest Countries In Europe 2019 And Their Per Capita

Luxembourg top the least of Top Richest Countries In Europe 2019 And Their Per Capita.

Of course, Luxembourg is indeed a very wonderful country which is situated in the western Europe.

Also called Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, it covers a little land mass of 998 square miles.

Luxembourg is a sovereign state.

Luxembourg has the smallest land size in Europe.

Despite being a very small country with a population of 590,667, they still enjoys a blossom in economical area making them the richest country in the whole if Europe.

Apart from these, they have one of the least populated people in the world. They are the 8th least populous country in the world.

Perhaps, they took the golden opportunity of being little in population and land size in achieving the goal of the richest country in the world and to boost their standard of living.

Luxembourg has always maintained the first position of the richest country in Europe on yearly rankings

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