Top 10 Possible Questions In Job Interview In Nigeria

We are going to tell you the secret of top 10 possible questions in job interview?

But before then, I’ll tell you a personal experience just to elevate your spirit.

So, you have visited 1001 jobs interviews only to get rejected even during the interview.

Brother, worry no more. Sister, cry no more.

There must be reasons for your rejection.

You keep wondering, why? Just take this advise and search yourself.

Maybe you dress perfectly, your accents are pretty damn good, your shoe well polished. You are beautiful or handsome but why the rejection?

One thing you should take note of is that, companies does not need liabilities.

They need you to really convince them you can handle such position, so you have to put to play your dexterity when answering.


I thought you wanted knowing the top 10 possible questions in job interview? Then continue reading.
Don’t be lazy. HAHAHA.

Here, i will let you  know the secret of top 10 possible questions in job interview.

top 10 possible questions in job interview
top 10 possible questions in job interview

But first, here are my experiences..

So as a teen, i graduated from college in those days. My body, soul and mind put together was restless.

I wanted a job. Couldn’t stay at home any longer. I just needed something doing not just sitting, lying down and counting the particles in the air.
I needed a job.

My first job interview was terrible. Yes! So terrible. But as a guy, I wasn’t able to cry but I wanted too.

I was putting on fine cloths, shoes, in fact, I was smart.

But with just a single question being thrown at me, I became weak and confounded.

I forgot what to answer.

It was a hotel job.

Note: This ideas I’m about to give out is used is 90% in all job interview questions.

So let’s continue….
They gave me a pen and asked me to convince them to buy the pen.

I said, because the pen is good for writing, it ink last longer etc.
I was blank.

They laughed at me and told me to try their company again, maybe later.
How could? How could they?
I was pissed.

But my vexation changes nothing. They can’t please me and displease their company.

The first job interview came and passed me by. What about the second? It was the same terrible performance.

I was frustrated. I blamed the interviewers for not wanting me to work there due to age factor because I was tender then.
But if i were the interviewer who want the company to be stronger, I’ll do same thing.

The world is a world of competition.

Because if this, I started searching myself. On what arrear have I fall wanting?

Then I found out that I wasn’t tackling the questions as I was suppose too such as the top 10 possible questions in job interview

So right now, I’m going to tell you the top 10 possible questions in job interview.

Don’t fear, I will teach you how to answer them.

Top 10 possible questions in job interview

Do you want to know the top 10 possible questions in job interview?

OK, just continue reading….

Now let’s start with the questions of 0 10 possible questions in job interview

  1.  Tell us little about yourself
  2. Mention your capability
  3. What are your shortcomings
  4. Give us cogent reasons why you want to work here
  5. Where do you see yourself in the nearest 5 years
  6. How much salary do you want to get paid
  7. What are your motivations
  8. Why do you want us to see you as the best options
  9. What makes a good team
  10. Is there any question you would like to ask?

But before I proceed in answering this questions, here is the problem.

Some interviewer may not ask you this questions listed above.

They may want to test the way you think. They may ask question like, if you were to be animal, what would you be and why?
And other funny but logical questions.

So in such case, try to think out something.

Don’t just rush in answering the question, think about the question for 30 second then give the best answer you think out.

Now, let go to answering the listed question of the above on top 10 possible questions in job interview?

1. Tell us little about yourself

This is one of the major top 10 possible questions in job interview.

Listen to me. Yes you. These people have your C.V, why telling them stories? They have all information about you stated in your C.V.

All you need to do here is give them brief summary about yourself.

It’s cool to tell them about your ambitions. It should be inline with the company’s role.

With this, the interviewer would know where to place you as an employee

2. Mention your capabilities

People usually mess up when such a question is thrown at them.
Here are some answers people tell their interviewers

I am hard working

Yes, they know you are hard working, so as everybody that came for the interview

I am trustworthy

Are you trying to say others are not trust worthy?

I am diligent

Are others not deligent also? Of course, they need the job, so they have to be

I am capable

Capable of what really?



This is just a general answer therefore, everyone can claim what is listed above.

Why not just tell them three or four things you can really do?

For example, you can tell them how good you are in supervising. Tell the the number of works you have supervised and how it was successful.

Or if you are a good organiser, you can also tell them the steps and methods in which you used in organising your previous works

3. What are your shortcomings

The question ”What are your shortcomings ” cannot be omitted from the top 10 possible questions in job interview.

Except you are from Planet Jupiter or an Alien, you must have your weakness and shortcomings.

When such a question is asked, some people may want to claim wiseness here by saying they are over hard working. Pr they may say they don’t have any shortcomings.

Don’t try that. Never!!

Tell them the truth. Remember, identifying your weakness is a strength.

What you should do is to identify the area you are not good in, and tell why you would like to improve in such area.

The interviewers would appreciate if you tell them the truth.

At least, if you tell them your weaknesses, they will know exactly where to place you

4. Give us cogent reasons why you want to work here or why you want us to hire you.

Remember, other people who came to get interviewed like you may give better answers than you would.

If you are an expert in a particular field, then you need not be afraid.

Just do your best.

Tell them new things you can bring to the table for them. The things you are very good at.

And if you are not too good in that area, tell them you would be very pleased learn more because no body is perfect in any field.

We get to learn new things on daily bases even things you know of.

After that, tell them how quickly you would progress when you are hired

5. Where do you see yourself in the nearest 5 years

At this point, don’t be shy in saying your wider goals and ambitions.

Tell them you would like to progress from the position you would be offered to greater positions.

Bosses love to see your determination.

If you are shy about saying this, they may think you ain’t serious or won’t take your job really serious.

It is most worthy to note that, what you should say should be around the confined of organization you are about to apply..

Like I have earlier stated, don’t be shy in being hungry for success.

By doing this, they would see how serious you will take your job serious because you need promotions.

Who doesn’t want his company to grow?

This would make them want hire you.

6. How much Salary do you want to get paid.

This is one of the most troublesome questions among the top 10 possible questions in job interview in Nigeria.

When asked to some people here is their fear

They may be scared 2 things

  • not to call a huge amount if money so the company won’t see them as greedy people who are interested only in how huge the salary looks. Because it might annoy the interviewer/s
  • Not to call low price because it won’t go a long way in chattering for their needs.

So their mind is between the line.

Do you want to know how to answer this question? Then continue reading………

Before you go for any job interview, do your research.

Go to similar organizations like this, check their salary in pay rate in the market. Browse online, compare the salaries and arrive at a juncture.

You can also try not to be specific in answering the question.

Don’t just sat $3,800 monthly. You can said from the range of $3000 and above.

They themselves know the pay rate in the market. They will for sure give you the rate in the market.

It is also good to tell them other benefits withing the context of the salary like time off, healthcare etc

7. What are your motivations

This is one of the easiest question among the top 10 possible questions in job interview

In this case, their is no wrong answers because many things can motivate you in picking that job.

Maybe you love for supervising or art. Or your motivations may come from wanting to meet the needs of your family.

Or maybe you love something vocational and it has being in your dream to fit into the world of vocations.

8. Why do you want to work in this organization? And why did you want to resign in your present place of work?

This is the best chance to show case what you have researched on.

When asked why do you want to work here, tell them because the company/organization works side by side with your area of specialisation or that it clearly operate in your chosen sector.

And that it provides a clearly organised career path.
You can also add how good the reputation of that company is.

What if they asked you why you want to stop your current work?

Don’t start showering insult on your boss if not, they may think you are after just after the job. Or you have not good ethical background.

Think outside the box. Is that how you will later insult them too?

You can just tell them the current company didn’t provide a clearly structural background for your career… But above all, do your research

9. What makes a perfect team?

Some people get this question wrongly.
You can’t just answer a casual answer like “Because I’m cooperative.”

What they really what you yo do here is to site references on how cooperative you are even though it isn’t from your field of study.

Think about previous ways you have bridge gap with fellow workwrs or people and how you can quickly get along with others.

This question is majorly for those who what to be coordinator or supervisor

10.  Is there any question you would like to ask?

This is the final on our list of the top 10 possible questions in job interview

You should at least have one question to ask them. This will give you a good chance to clear your mind about something they said that you didn’t understand.

You can also ask them to explain more in things they have mentioned in the past. It make the interview look very impressive and that also shows that you have being listening with keen interest and understanding.

If you have nothing to ask them, tell them to give you feedbacks on your performances in a polite manner.

Research and follow this top 10 possible questions in job interview and be rest assured for your success.

Don’t be shy during the interview, try to be bold and put on a smiling face through.

Comport yourself and believe you me, you’ll succeed

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