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Study in Canada Without IELTS 2021


It is effortless now to study in Canada without IELTS in 2021. IELTS is a renowned international test that tests your English language skills to study abroad. There are many fully-funded scholarships in Canada, but many students don’t apply because of IELTS; IELTS seems quite expensive.

IELTS is needed to study abroad, especially in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, etc. In this article, we will focus more on Canada. Canada offers quality education to international students thanks to Justin Trudeau’s new education policy. Canada has more than 97 universities offering approximately 5,000-degree programs. Citizens of all countries can apply to study in Canada.

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Canadian universities have researched and found that English graduate students from accredited educational institutions often have good communication skills in reading and writing. All you need to do is submit certain documents for admission to a Canadian university.

Details about studying in Canada without IELTS 2021

Study in: Canada
Degree: Master’s degree, diploma, advanced or advanced certificate, or master’s degree from a university, technical college, or vocational school.
Funded By: Government of Canada
List of best universities without IELTS in Canada

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There is no requirement for an IELTS result that the student is a native English speaker or is from a non-English country and must have obtained an English degree.

However, students who have completed the O-Level or A-Level exams do not need IELTS. Each Canadian university has set up its English test to demonstrate students’ skills. The following is a list of universities in Canada that offer this exemption:

  1. University of Regina
  2. University of Saskatchewan
  3. Concordia University
  4. Brock University
  5. Memorial University
  6. University of Winnipeg
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Most universities allow conditional admission, which means you may need to take additional language courses during your studies.

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Countries like Canada, the UK, the US, and Australia have mandatory IELTS requirements. Still, recently the IELTS center was closed due to the COVID situation and blockage, which is why many universities accept the Duolingo IELTS language test.

Alternative to IELTS? If students completed their previous degree in English but have a degree in English, our application to waiver the language test is often rejected by the institution, even though English is the official language and teaching tool. I regret applying for IELTS/TOFEL, which is now around $250.

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The Duolingo test is an inexpensive substitute that costs only $50 and is available to most students. A one-hour language test that tests your skills in all areas of the language, including listening, speaking, reading, and writing. This is a virtual test conducted online. Therefore, it would be best to have a stable internet connection and a computer with a working microphone and camera.

Remember that you should be sitting alone in the room and not have to look at the screen for a moment. It only costs $50, and you will get the results in 2-5 days. Unlike IELTS, you don’t get a score for every skill. You just got a commutative search 160.

All you need to know about Duolingo

  • More than 2000+ universities accept these language skills from Duolingo
  • Check the name of your desired university before taking the test. With the current lockdown situation, more and more universities are receiving the results. You can find the LIST HERE.
  • Universities often only mention IELTS/TOEFL on websites but also accept Duolingo.
  • IELTS and TOEFL conversion tables can be found on the website.
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