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Simple Steps to Immigrate to Canada as a Teacher


There is enormous interest in teachers in Canada today. So the Express Entry program has made the teaching profession very important in its national professional classification list.

In addition, many areas such as Ontario, Nova Scotia, Alberta, and others offer unique migration routes for high school and college teachers. If you are an educator or teacher and you want to move to Canada, now might be your best chance.

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You can register as a teacher in Express Entry. Keep in mind that processing times may vary from country to country and can be as little as four months or eight months depending on the case.


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Provincial and regional governments administer their own education systems and are responsible for setting teaching guidelines in Canada. Standards are broadly comparable across the country, but with some local differences.

Selection factors/various for WPS and teacher approval

  • You must have a high level of education; especially higher education qualifications.
  • Professional experience indicates that you have worked for at least one year in one of the following professional categories:
    • Administrative,
    • Expert, or
    • Special / talented
  • Fluent in French and English (both speak Canadian)
  • Current age
  • General flexibility (usually checked with a placement test)
  • Current employment/employment status (or offer)

The teaching profession in Canada requires a bachelor’s degree in education and provincial admissions. Obtaining verification can be a slow process, so it is ideal to start before entering Canada if possible.


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Various variables are taken into account in assessing qualifications for the teaching profession in Canada. For example, an applicant may request:

  • Current teaching experience.
  • He must be familiar with the way of life of the people and the educational modules of the Canadian education system
  • Talent and willingness to receive training or instruction, including evidence of prior character and beliefs.
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A teacher characterized by the Canadian government fits this basic classification:

  • Substitute teacher;
  • ELS teacher;
  • science teacher (biology); and
  • librarian
  • Teacher Assistant;
  • Therapeutic guidance;
  • Educational Resources Assistant; and
  • Teacher assistant

Check out these basic steps and learn how to immigrate to Canada as a teacher.

  • Find your NOC code and employment rate on the CIC website;
  • Choose which area or province you want to go to.
  • Check with your local teacher council about the general requirements for:
  • Compulsory Degree in Education;
  • State training documents/declarations;
  • Accreditation for the teaching of a second language such as English or French;
  • Enrollment in a regional or provincial instructor affiliate; and
  • Certificate of Employment
  • Apply for Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) if necessary;
  • Before moving, find a job in Canada


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