Register Amazon Affiliate Account In Nigeria

Hello readers from Nigeria, we are ready will to guild you through, on how to Register Amazon Affiliate Account In Nigeria . Many Nigerians finds it very difficult to create or Register Amazon Affiliate Account  because of its strict policies toward Nigerians for a reason best known to them. But Gist fam  has made some research and found out how to Register Amazon Affiliate Account in Nigeria  in minutes without stress.

Of course, you may think you are making progress during the registration but when you reach the number verification, they will render your high hopes hopeless because, they would need a U.S.A number (+1) for the verification and hence you are not in the united state, their is no way you can verify your number.

Register Amazon Affiliate Account In Nigeria
Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Why they need they number is to call and confirm if truly that number is a United State number, and you will have type the pin which would be called out to you while listening .

Unless you have purchased a United state number through TextNow, then it would not be easy to Register Amazon Affiliate in Nigeria.

Before I got to learn this simple method, I spent sleepless night, surfing and researching till I came up with this easy way to Register Amazon Affiliate Account in Nigeria without stress.

You don’t know what Affiliate Marketing means? Check the meaning of Affiliate Marketing by clicking here

What is Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

It is when a blogger, marketer, Or anyone that is intrested in earning who after Registering Amazon Affiliate is given a referral link with tracking I.D, when a customer follow your link to buy a product, you earn a referral fee ranging from 15-70 percent.

How to register and Earn on Amazon Affiliate
How to Register amazon affiliate

So you earn referral fee by referring people to Amazon to purchase a product through your link which has tracking I.D.


Is Goggle AdSense better than Amazon Affiliate?

Let us say you got up to 1000 audiences which gives you $3-6 on AdSense, with that same 1000 audiences 5 persons purchased a product through your Affiliate link, you are prone to earn $50-500 base on the goods price they purchased. The higher the price, the higher the commission. So you see? You know which is better now right?


How to Register Amazon Affiliate Account In Nigeria

Let’s guild you on how to register Amazon Affiliate Account in Nigeria

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1. Start by clicking this link and select united state as your country


2. Enter your Emil in the space there and select I am a NEW CUSTOMER


3. Then you enter the needed information ( Name, Email address , password etc)


4. Fill in the payee name and Adress ( put your Nigerian Adderess )


5. Put in some information about your blog or website


6.  This is where many people find it dificult to cross, you have to insert your phone number in the process of that, a pin will be generated. You will then receive an automated call to enter the pin while the automated call speaks.

But how do you  get this number? Have you heard of Text Plus? I guess you haven’t because they reigning stuff is TextNow.

Text Plus allows you to create a temporal number to which you can use to receive any call around the world. With this Text Plus, you can Register Amazon Affiliate Account in Nigeria

Use text plus to register Affiliate in Nigeria

NOTE: Use another phone in downloading the TextPlus and VPN. Because two phones are needed.

How To Create U.S Number And Get Verified On Amazon With Text Plus

Text plus is not applicable to Nigerians for use but you can download it with playstore app and then use any VPN be it free or premium. ( I recommend SUPER VPN, it’s free) to open create an account. You will choose or create the U.S.A number you want to  receiving the automated call from amazon with. When the number is created, put the number in the Amazon affiliate site and click CALL ME NOW. Amazon Automated calling Machine will call that number, then you type what ever number it tells you to type, that is all. Your account would be verified immediately, then you have to agree to the contract terms and conditions.

But Note: You have to stay on the Text Plus app to receive the call, if you quit the app, you have to start all over again in creating another number.

7. You will be redirected to A welcome/ thank you page where you will see your UNIQUE ASSOCIATION ID and TRACKING ID

Click the button GET STARTED NOW


8. You will be redirected to your Amazon Affiliate Associate account where you can start promoting any cool products.


There are many ways to which you can advertise Amazon products on your post. You can promote Amazon products with with either of the following:

Ways To Advertise Products On Amazon

1. Text Ads:

This method deals with placing text link on your blog post strategically, and this will make people  want to click or follow your link to purchase a product on Amazon.

2.Manually Posting and Promoting a product

You should write a very great content describing the important of that product to your audience. Don’t just post the Affiliate link and pictures without extensive descriptions as you might take a very long time before you sell a single product. The audience want to get convinced why they should buy they product.

Here is procedure to write great content for that product.

  • What is that product
  • What are the features of that product and all what it can do
  • Why should that product be bought
  • Importance and benefits of of buying that product.

3. Placing of Banners

I usually use this because it is one of the best ways of advertising a product. All you need to do here is placing your banner on strategic places in your blog and when people on your blog sees a catchy product banner, they click the banner to purchase that product.

You don’t have to write long content over, you may post it at the top of your home page or the footer area.

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Yes! This how easy it is to Register Amazon Affiliate Account in Nigeria.

I believe Amazon disassociate it affiliate services like other top companies like Clickbank, EBay, PayPal due to some heartless individuals who has the sole purpose of riping others of their hard earn cash by scamming them.

The good thing is, there are  legit people who still have the heart of doing good business online without scamming others.


Hope this post helped I’m achieving your aims? We would like to hear your views

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