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Reasons Why Your Visa Application Is Taking So Much Time to Process


The process of visa application can be a very difficult one and the part that applicants really do not like is the waiting game. Applicants will have to wait for a long time to know their fate. However, if you are waiting longer than the usual visa processing time, then there is a problem. Although, the process takes time you need to know why your visa application is taking so much time than it is supposed to.

Since the process is much complicated, there are different reasons that could be causing a delay. As with other government applications, all application fees must be paid before approval of the application is done. There are crystal clear reasons why your visa application is taking more time than it should.

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Improper Documents

The documents which are presented to your officer in charge should have the complete necessary information. If it is not properly documented then there would be a delay. In addition, when the application received might have errors or omissions, the officer will have to request that these mistakes be fixed before the visa process continues. Also, if your document is not having a signature, it will stall its process.

Furthermore, you need to make sure that all blank spaces in the form be filled, failure to do so will prolong the process. The worst-case scenario comes when the officer suspects falsified documents from you. This is called ‘misinterpretation’ and this will definitely cause a delay.

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This goes to say that the documents must be verified by the officer and this can cause a delay. this depends on the type of information you submit as part of your application for immigration, you may find that you face an additional delay because the visa officer may need to contact various departments to verify if everything is legalized.

If you previously had an identification issued outside Canada, it will have to be vetted for eligibility. By contacting the office that gave you the ID, and may take weeks to process. Also, another reason may be that the officer is trying to confirm your financial bank statement. To be sure that you are not defrauding the system, the officer will have to contact your bank.

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Furthermore, offices in Canada will have to communicate with each other in order to match their pieces of information about you together. This usually takes weeks of the process also. However, in order to avoid needless delay, applicants will have to submit recent passports and their financial bank statements. In addition, you need to make your documents understandable. Having a document that is hard to understand might cause a delay.

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Non Payment 

There is a guide that shows the amount of rendered service. This, however, can cause a delay when you proceed to pay for the wrong service or do not pay at all for what you actually need. Missing fees in your final result can cause you to mistakenly pay the wrong amount, thereby, delaying your visa application. Additionally, applicants might not need to go to the bank to pay for those who need to pay visa fees. Always verify by checking if your payment has been accepted immediately after you confirm that you have paid.

Also, when you pay money at the bank there might be a probability that it was rejected. Hence, all fees are done online using credit cards.

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