Ralph Northam To Resign: After Racist Yearbook Photo Surfaced


Ralph Northam to resign after a sensitive photo of him surfaced online.

In the online photo showing two people in Ku Klux Klan robes. One on white and the other on black.

Ralph Northam to resign
Ralph Northam

This has spark outrage all over the internet and social media and people are calling on Ralph Northam to resign.

This photos was taken as far back as 1984. It was part of his yearbook during his last stay at the Eastern Virginia Medical School.

In the four pages photo of Ralph Northam were two men. One on black costume and the other on KKK robe.

In the photo, you can see two people one black and white. But of which is Ralph Northam we don’t know.

Northam has agreed to the fact that he was in that photo and apologized, but says nothing after then.

Ralph Northam to resign 
Ralph Northam

But we are still waiting to hear from his side of the story.

Easy going and Impartial

Ralph Northam was seen as an easy going man.

Infact, he once voted for a Republican party despite being in a Democratic party.

He sees him self as a liberal person. He had once advocated for the tighter gun laws and loosening abortion restrictions.

Some time ago, due to his pureness and stands on politics, the Republicans tried to make him switch party but he refused.

When he picked up form to become the governor of Virginia, he was somewhat unknown because he was soft spoken.

He took up a bid to become state senator in 2007 and he won. In 2013, he contested for the post of lieutenant governor and he won again making him become second in command after Gov. Terry McAuliffe.

His Military Career

Northam Ralph was a military doctor afore he joined politics. He treated wounded soldiers overseers during the Gulf War.

Northan Ralph served the military for eight years.

He starred attending both Virginia military institute and Virginia Medical School where he started treating children as a
pediatric neurologist.

Even while he was a lieutenant governor to Gov. Terry McAuliffe, he spent his time in the and treating children when they were I’ll.

Northam was Supported by Former American President Barrack Obama in 2017

During the 2017 governorship elections, Former first black president of America supported Northam, urging people in Virginia to cast their vote for him.

“You know, Ralph believes that if we’re going to talk about history hen we should do it in a way that heals, not in a way that wounds, not in a way that divides,” Obama said. “We saw what happened in Charlottesville. But we also saw what happened after Charlottesville when the biggest gatherings of all rejected fear and rejected hate.”

The former president continued: “That’s how we rise. We don’t rise up by repeating the past. We rise up by learning from the past and by listening to each other and knowing that we’re all flawed. But we still try to preserve some baseline measure of goodness and decency and patriotism and we look for the good in other people, not the worst.” —Obama said


Do you want Ralph Northam to resign as the Governor of Virginia despite his humanitarian services to the people and also Ralph Northam to resign because such a sin is too great to be forgiven?

Or he should still remain the governor since it happened in a very long time and he had apologize.


My take on whether Ralph Northam to resign:

I think this incident was such a long time. So my thought on if Ralph Northam to resign? My answer would be a big NO!

It’s being a very long time, calling  Ralph Northam to resign changes nothing. He should be pardoned.

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