Online paying jobs to do while sitting at home 2019

Online pay jobs, Make money online
Online pay jobs
Online pay jobs, Make money online

Online paying jobs is of course not easy to start but, when you start earning, you’ll know it’s worthwhile. I have observed quit a lot of people starting their journey to earn online either through blogging, Freelance, Digital sales etc. but along the line, they back-off because what they were expecting was not forth coming at that particular point in time. Many super rich in the world today tried what made them billionaire multiple times before it clicked, some tried years after years before success could be recorded, most blogged not to earn but for the sake of what they love doing and of course, it paid them. For you to start this journey, you have to set a goal to be consistent and dedicated in what you are about to achieve.


1. Affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing is one important way of making money online so it is highly recommended.
What is Affiliate Marketing? it is the process of helping another company sell their product using a special affiliate link given to you by that company. When you register to a company, they give you a link through with you can earn when the third-party or audience click that link or purchase a product through that link.

Affiliate Marketing is very easy and less expensive because you just find an important product you would like to promote and promote either through YouTube, Facebook, Forum, Blog comments etc. I use blog and Facebook to promote mine and I would say everything seems very easy and cool. I recommend Affiliate Marketing to you because it is awesome and easy to operate.

Most people work with more than one affiliate companies but I would advise you to start with one so you won’t get confused as it may be really confusing. Popular Companies that runs affiliate marketing for are Saleasale, CJ Affiliate, Amazon Associate and other popular affiliate companies


This is another vital online paying jobs to do while sitting at home. Blogging is indeed one of the most popular way of making money online. Yes, people hear stories that Mr. A or B is a blogger and he/she is making it big and they themselves without making more research jumps into blogging and on the long run backoff after finding out how complex to gain organic audience traffic is. Blogging is not a ” Get Rich Quick” platform, you start little and with dedication, you would be surprise to see the number of traffics on your blog.


1. Google Ads Or Alternative Ads

Place ads on your blog and get paid when someone click the ads.

2. Review Writing

Write reviews on your blog and be sure it is relevant to the audience. While reviewing, make sure you have really researched on what you want to write about and your content should be legit without casting aspersions on others name. People would through this means pay you to review their quality brand products.

3. Sponsored Post

This is the process whereby a company or organization pays you to post their content on your blog either in written form or placing of Banner at strategic places on your blog.

4. Writing for other blogs/ Guest Post

This is when you get paid to write for a blog. it is called guess post. You write for either companies or bloggers and get paid.


How To Get Traffic On Your Blog?

Click here to learn tips on how to increase your blog traffic to start your onine paying jobs.


Being a consultant is another online paying jobs People gets frustrated due to many circumstances in life and may need to hear an expert opinion. “How about I give you two cents of my advise you pay me for the time spent in advising and Coaching you?” If you are really good in any of the following below, then you are good to go.

Few examples of different areas you can advise and consult on:

Relationship And Marital issues

Marketing and sales




Health and fitness etc.

The listed niche indeed pulls weight and therefore cannot be overlooked.

I will being posting more informations on how to make money online. As I have stated earlier, Making money online is indeed the best because it shield you from reckless spending and advert frustration.


Hope this blog was really helpful? We will be happy if you share your views because others may also learn from your post.

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