Net Worth Of Femi Otedola And His Biography 2019: His Family & Lifestyle


Net worth of femi otedola and his biography 2019

With his name trending like no other business tycoon, everyone is anxious to know who this man is, his biography and net worth. That is why we have reserves this special time to write about the net worth of femi otedola and his biography 2019.

He is so popular and one of the most influential billionaires in Nigeria due to his business ideology and special ways of business plans.

If you want to know him more, while not continue reading, believe me you, you will enjoy reading this.

If a Nigeria musician haven’t mentioned his name in his song, then he isn’t sanctify.

This is when money is involved.

“Otedola with the money oh…….”

Of course who doesn’t want to benefit from this business mugul? Even the rich would be damn grateful to benefit from the billionaire.

Let me just go straight to one important source of his income.

Although he is into many Businesses but his  business is Oil and Gas.

You want to know more of the net worth of femi otedola and his biography 2019? Then continue reading. Don’t be a lazy reader.. HAHAHAHA..

Net Worth Of Femi Otedola & His Biography 2019

Net worth of Femi Otedola and his biography 2019

Let’s get down to business.
what is the net worth biography of this business mogul?.

Before we proceed, let me give you tips on what you are going to be talking about concerning the net worth of femi otedola and his biography 2019

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  4. His personal Life
  5. His marriage

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Net Worth of Femi Otedola and his Biography 2019: Biography of Femi Otedola

The business tycoon femi otedola was born in the year 4th of november 1962.

His birth place is Ibadan, oyo state but presently resides in lagos state.

His father was a former governor of lagos state.

He is an active businessman and entrepreneur.

His main business line is oil and gas which is actually one of the most lucrative business in nigeria in particular and world at large.

Femi otedola attended obafemi awolowo university ile-ife in 1980 to 1985.

It was actually a 5 years course.

His primary and secondary education will not be given because much haven’t been said about his childhood life.

Net worth of Fem Otedola 2019

He is Estimated $1.2 billion

The current net worth of femi otedola in 2019 is estimated worth 1.2 billion. You could remember in 2009 he was worth $ 1.2 billion and today he is still worth $1.2 billion.

Does that mean he is not increasing or is not blossoming? No he’s actually blossoming.

The reason he is still at 1.2 billion was because, in 2016 there was a slump on oil price international market.

Due to this, his networth dropped from $1.2 billion to $550 million
but now as god may have it, he bounced back from 550 million to 1.2 billion in 2018

After graduating from obafemi awolowo university he thought of what he could do keep life moving on, so with deep consideration, he decided to be a businessman.

It was during this time he began his career and opt into being a marketer for his father printing press.

About Femi Otedola Oil Business

After gaining much knowledge about managing a business he started his own business which was to trade petroleum.

Little by little, his business started blossoming. It was like a dream come true.

Chief Femi Otedola  is the chief executive officer of forte oil which was earlier known as African Petroleum.

You may be familiar with the name (AP)

The forte oil has over 550 Gas Stations across nigeria

its major purpose is to import and distribute petrol products into the country.

They also produce its’ own oil for engines and they also have gas deport in nigeria being operated.

After a while he started another company though it is still into oil and gas.

You may be familiar with the name Zenom Petroleum Oil and Gas Limited.

It was founded by Femi Otedola.

Zenom oil and gas Limited is one of the largest Fuel supplier across the country.

They are well known and popular that they supplies to big companies like MTN Telecommunication Company, Dangote group of companies, Coca-cola Company, Nestlé Company and Guinness Company.

In business wise give it to Femi Otedola.

He Invested greatly on financial institutions through Zenom, and now he’s the major stakeholder in banks like Uba Bank, Zenith and other popular Banks.

Other Assets which adds to the networth of Femi Otedola

  • Femi is also into Estate business.
  • He is the owner of FO properties.
  • Otedola owns Zenom of Stallion house which is located in Victoria Island, Nigeria (VI). He bought Zenom of stallion from the federal Government.
  • He Is the president of Sea Forch shipping company which is the biggest shipping company in Nigeria.
  • Femi Otedola  is an owner of a Ship which tends to be one of it kinds in Nigeria. The ship has flat-bottom bunker vessels. It is the largest ship In Africa.
  • Femi Otedola is a non- executive director of Transitional co-operation of Nigeria.

Marital Life Of Femi Otedola

The business Tycoon Femi Otedola is known to be married to Nana Otedola.

They are blessed with four gorgeous and lovely children namely:

  • Florence Otedola who is also known as (DJ Cuppy). DJ Cuppy is an ambassador to Tourism in Nigeria
  • Oawunmi Otedola
  • Fewa Otedola( he is the only son of Femi Otedola
  • and Temi Otedola

Interesting things you should know about Femi Otedola

Femi Otedola is a business billionaire and very famous in Nigeria.

Him being a billionaire has indeed connected him to many politicians in Nigeria.

For instance, he has connection with the former presidents of Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo, Ebele GoodLuck Jonathan and other notable Politicians.

In fact, in 2003, he invested much for the re-election bid of Olusegun Obasanjo. (You should know what would follow him after Obasanjo won. Lol.)

He is also known to be a very good ally to former president Ebele Goodluck Jonathan.

Femi Otedola is already known for his close relationship with his family.

Though, we don’t know who he loves more but Florence ( DJ Cuppy ) seems to be more fun with his father.

Especially the way he calls her out on his new Instagram account in a funny way.

He has no reason not to love his children.

Just like Davido has sang in his song, ” Love is sweet, but when money enters love is sweeter.”

This has proven that he loves his lovely children and his beautiful wife Nana

Lest I forget, he also own massive houses in Lagos State, Nigeria, London and New York

Conclusion of net worth of femi otedola and his biography 2019

Femi Otedola is not a learner when it comes to business in the Business world.

He is a fast blossoming businessman and an entrepreneur.

His major business line is Oil and Gas sector in Nigeria.

He is also into many business which has fetch him much profits in each of them.

Not only that, he is very famous in Nigeria through this his business.

And this his business line and intelligence has elevated him and expecting to skyrocketing him in future.

That is all we have on the net worth of femi otedola and his biography 2019.

Please let us see your ideas on comments section. We are hopeful  and expectant that you will share our articles.

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