Man Divorce Wife For Insisting To Vote For Buhari


Man Divorce Wife For Insisting To Vote For Buhari

A man has divorce his wife over standing her ground to vote for President Buhari in the upcoming elections.

Man Divorce Wife For Insisting To Vote For Buhari 
Man Divorce Wife For Insisting To Vote For Buhari

He is known as Abdullahi Yada’u. He told the BBC Hausa that he divorced his wife, Hafsat Suleiman because she insisted to vote for president muhammadu buhari.

Upon telling her not to vote for him, she insisted that she must vote for Buhari.

Yada’u, a habitant of Kanam Local Government Area of Plateau State said, he was a very strong supporter of President Muhammad Buhari in the previous 2015 elections. But muhammadu messed up so he would not vote him in the up coming election.


When asked why he divorce his wife, he answered

“I told her that she must not vote for him but she insisted which led to a quarrel which attracted the attention of our neighbours, I slapped her and told her to choose between voting for Buhari and staying with me. She ran away.

“Later her parents called me and I narrated to them what transpired between us. But still my wife insisted on voting for Mr Buhari, that’s how I divorced her in the presence of her parents.”


Man Divorce Wife For Insisting To Vote For Buhari is really a greater lesson to those that can go extra mile for politics. But seriously this news is funny and at the same time embarrassing. President muhammadu buhari and atiku abubakar are enjoying themselves why the supporters fight on the behalf. Politics is not a do or die affair and it is not what would bring any meeting between two people. if you prefer your candidate to mine fine.

It is high time the citizens’ look above these politicians tricks whereby they fight in public and hug themselves in secrets. In Nigeria, politicians are all the same. They care less about you and your plight. Yes it is good to vote for the right candidate but do that wisely.


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