Kim Kardashian Biography Networth and Family

kim kardashian biography networth and
kim kardashian biography networth

kim kardashian biography networth and
kim kardashian biography networth

kim kardashian biography networth and family is our discussion today. That has being the questions of millions of people around the globe. Who is this Kim? What is kim kardashian biography networth and family ?

Kim Kardashian Biography Networth and family is not just what we are going to discuss on this platform.

Of course their are other things about Kim we would discuss other than Kim Kardashian Biography Networth and family.

But let’s male this a good start.

She is damn pretty isn’t is? Yes, she truly is. But what do you know about her?


Lol, I got you there right?

When I haven’t done any research about her, I thought she was just an online popular attention seeker.

Hahahaha, seriously, but my apology to her for my thought though.

Aww, a lovely shot there. She married one of the most popular rappers in America.

But I bet that might be the only thing people asking about Kim Kardashian Biography Networth and family knows.

Here,  I will briefly gist you all you need to know about Kim. About Kim kardashian biography Networth and family.

Do you know what I love about this pretty elegant lady? She is humble and respectful. This is based on what I have seen on air or watched.

Note: That is my standpoint

Let me tell you why I said she is humble.

Kim Kardashine was live on SHADE 45. She was made to listen to a call with Eminem about his single he dissed Kim. Booommm! He called her a strumpet without caring if she was there.

But what i love at that moment was that, she just smiled.  I was like woooow.

Watch the video here

Check out others and compare to what you see in that video I have shared.


Others with little popularity, they feel that have arrived and act as if they are on top of the world..

Back to the main business. So what was our topic again? Kim Kardashian Biography Networth and family right?

OK, continue reading…


Kim Kardashian: Kim Kardashian Biography Networth and family


Kim is a renowned entrepreneur, a fashionista, TV star and she has authored a book named Kardashian Konfidential.


Kim Kardashian Early Life

Daughter of Robert and Kris, she was born in the year 1980 October 21 in  Los Angeles, California.

She has three siblings, her elder sister Kourtney, her younger sister khloe and a younger brother rob.

Her father who was the third-generation Armenian-American and her mother who was from the ancestries of English, Dutch, Irish  got divorced in the year 1991.

Kims mother later got married to  Bruce Jenner aka (Caitlyn Jenner)

With this marriage, Kim kardashin now has two step brother and step sisters.

In Los Angeles, kim kardashine attended Marymount High School, a Roman Catholic all-girls school.

Kim kardanshine’s father died in 2003 due to life threatening disease, cancer.

Kim and her siblongs worked in their father’s company before he died.

When he died, the company left them to fend for themselves. They have longed sold it.

 “We grew up with privilege so we knew our standards were high … [and] if we wanted to keep it, we had to work hard,” __ She Said

According to Kim, her past experience made her who she is. She enrolled into the face of business herself.

She owns Kimsaprincess Productions, LLC.. It has successful released workout videos starring—you guessed it—Kim Kardashian.


Kardashian Leaked Sex Video

Despite being successful in business world,  it was her leaked sex video tape with  R&B singer Ray J. that skyrocketed her into stardom.

A sex tape of 2003 between Kim kardashine and Ray J. Was released by Vivid Entertainment naming it Kim K Superstar in 2007.

Kardashian fired a lawsuit for intruding of privacy but later dropped the suit after she was paid $5million.

Ever since then, she took advantage of the sex tape and capitalised her fame.

Her family both her main siblings and her step siblings started appearing on screen.

Because of her popularity, she started bagging endorsement deals.

From endorsing various food for  Carl’s Jr to Summa Eve in the film Deep in the Valley. She served as a producer for The Spin Crowd, a reality television and many much more.

kardashian reality tv star

kardashian reality tv star: keeping up with the kardashians came just after this sex tape was realeasd.

Her face started appearing on TV for something totally different because at that time, E! Network introduced a Reality tv show called Keeping up with the Kardashians.

She became google most search celebrity in 2008, moving aside Britney Spears who occupied that position for four years.

Since over the years, her celebrity status had grown enormously. Her curves are her selling assets.

People envy her curves.

In 2016 when kenya west was in $53 million debt and was in need of money.

He went to the extent of asking Mark Zukerberg and larry page for help.

A prince in Saudi Arabia offered to give them $10 million if Kim should spend a night with him.

With millions of followers on her social media, she charges not less than  $10000 to $20000 per post in promoting a product.

Her Relationship

The reality TV star’s relationship lifestyle has been a keen interest to the media this is to say that it seems really controversial.

As of 2000, she was 20 years old when she got married to a music producer Damon Thomas.

Four years  later the marriage was dissolved.

She later got married to a pro basketball player Kris Humphries. They married lavishly in front of over 400.

Kardashian and Humphries  blissfulness was short lived because kardashian file for divorce.

2012 people are surprised to see her closeness with kanye west the popular american rapper

In that same year she posted on her blog which has no less than six million visitors per month saying that she and kanye west are expecting a baby

In her words

“It’s true!! Kanye and I are expecting a baby. We feel so blessed and lucky.”


It was on her 33 birthday when kenya west proposed to her at the AT&T baseball stadium in San Francisco which he rented for that sole propose.

Kenya west and Kim  kardashian got married in may 14 in Forte di Belvedere, a historic fortress, in Florence, Italy.

Her Step dad Bruce Jenner now,( Now Caitlyn Jenner ) walked her down the aisle with Andrea Bocelli singing “Con te Partiro.

She mentioned in her 10th season of her reality series that she would like to have a second child.

But she couldn’t because she was having fertility issues.

Behold in 2015, she mentioned that she was pregnant for Kenya west second baby.

On December 5th, Kim and Kenya west  welcomed home a boy.

Networths of Kim kardashian

A very big thanks to what ever catapulted her into stardom. Because of this, she became the talk of America.

She attracted so many endorsement deals as aforementioned above.

Also thanks to her business ventures and guest appearance to endorsement.

Kim kardashian is now impressively worth $350 million. Making her the second richest siblings in her family.


So that is all you need to know about Kim Kardashian Biography Networth and Family




Kim Kardashian Biography Networth and Family is quite encouraging.

I mean seeing how she took over little opportunity to skyrocket herself into what she has become now.

she didn’t shy away from the general public via her leaked sex tape therefore, I classify her a feminist.

How is she a feminist?

Everyone knows Vivid Entertainment as one of the top notches.

If it was an ideal woman, she would have cried her life out due to public embarrassment.

But Kim stood her ground until she was settled by the company.

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