Is Income program Fake Or Legit


Is income program fake or legit? Let us look into income program 

Every body want to make money by all means both in labour market and online job.

Getting  jobs in the labour market is not easy so people sort to make thing easier for them. People seek a more easier means of making by going into online jobs.

A lot have make million from business online you know. came on board. A platform were you invest N1600 and it increases little with assignments done as time goes on.

What happened when came on board?

With the advent of, people started trooping into this platform because it was paying as of then.

In fact, it was the highest paying platform in Nigeria as of then.

People being happy of the alerts the receive from income program started using social media platform like Facebook, twitter to showcase how much the earned from By so doing getting referrals

I was really tempted about going into the program because I heard you just do little tweak like sharing your referral links to social media and by so doing, you will start earning big.

Well, it was not a scam, as of then. People earned some cash through income program.

But one thing you don’t understand is that, money like this don’t last.

They were paying just to get a full confidence and trust of people then, booooom! They disappear s.

I’m sure most of you must have heard of Mavrodi Mondial Movement/Moneybox ( MMM), the largest Ponzi scheme of all time.

Where you invest some amount of money and receive 30% addition of your iinvestment monthly.

Of course many people became millionaire through MMM.

Many made a lot of money from MMM, but none knew that MMM was a total scam.

By the time people realise it it was already too late.

MMM made a lot of billions in Nigeria.

People even invested their life savings on mmm until we had a heartbreaking story that MMM has crashed with a lot of money in it.

We started hear that some people died of heart attack due to the l of loosing their life savings.

I am not a fan of all this method of making money online because I work hard for my money.

As a young entrepreneur both online and in the labour market so I don’t have to depend on anybody for payments. I pay myself.

That is why most of these online scam sites never get caught up with me

Is income program fake or legit

Well let me just go straight to the point by answering the question is income program fake or legit

As of 2016 to early 2018 nnu was legit, but as of late 2018 to this present time nnu is a pure scam.

They don’t pay as they used to even if your money has reached the minimum payout they will refuse to pay you.

I was in a blogger’s group on Facebook, and someone said he has income program account with N23k in it for N2k and  N40k in another account he would like to sell just N5k.

I was shocked.

Why would someone in his right senses want to sell an account you suffer so much to make N40k for N5k? The response he got was vindicated my thinking.

is income program fake or legit
is income program fake or legit

Here were the  he got:

is income program fake or legit
is income program fake or legit


is income program fake or legit
is income program fake or legit

People who commented  wanted to also sell their account, some wanted selling account of 50k for 6k, 20k for 3k, and many of them said they are not buying.

That income program is a scam.

Well, I believe from what I have being saying so far, you know where I am driving at? But still, continue reading.

Answer to is income program fake or legit

Nnu income program is nothing but a scam. Though I agree it was paying at first, but now it is fake.

You know, just like MMM which was previously paying and stopped.

Same goes to NNU income program.

They don’t pay again.

So I advise those intending going into investing on income program should  please have a rethought because you might just be wasting you time on something thatwilll not pay you at the end..

But though, they got nice news and information on their platform, but don’t expect to get paid if that is what you aregoing there for.

What are other Alternative of earning online?

Their are many  ways you could make it big online apart from depending on a site to pay you.

Why not take the chance to becoming your own boss?

Ways to earn online and become your own boss

 1. Start your own blog:

Starting a blog is on my favorite list of earning big online.

I am a blogger, and I know what I have earned from blogging alone

But hey! Listen, blogging isn’t easy as the word sound. But with dedication, you would excel.

One advise is , don’t expect the money to start balling in mediately. It takes time.

2. Affiliate Marketing:

You can start earning almost immediately with Affiliate marketing.

If you have a twitter, Facebook or any social account, then affiliate marketing would be a good start for you oo start earning.
Let me stop here.

This is not the right page to talk about ways to earn online.

On my next post, I will tell you all you need to know on how make 6 figures online easily without stress.

Lest I forget, have you heard of

It is just like income program whereby you earn just by sharing post on your Facebook wall, comment on posts, and posting cool articles.

Do you want to know if it is really or fake just like income program? Then I will also drop these information on my next post.

But from now, stay away from income program.

That is all for is income program fake or legit. We would love to read your views.

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