Home Immigration Immigrate to Canada for a Long Haul Truck Driver Job

Immigrate to Canada for a Long Haul Truck Driver Job

Long Haul Truck Driver In Canada
Long Haul Truck Driver In Canada

Are you a truck driver? Are you good at truck driving? Do you wish to drive a truck in your dream country where you will be appreciated well? then this is for you. RNG Transports Inc. is offering Truck Driving Jobs to foreigners in Canada.

Immigrate to Canada for a Long Haul Truck Driver Job

  • Salary: You will be paid $22.50 hourly and given the opportunity to work for 50 hours per week.
  • Permanent employment: You will be working Full time.
  • Time of work: As a truck driver, your work is flexible. You can work either by day, night, morning, overtime, or weekend.
  • Date to start work: You can start the job as soon as possible
  • Number of vacancies: The company will employ just two (2) people
  • Job requirements: English is the required language
  • Education qualification: You must be a secondary (high) school certificate holder
  • Experience: No work experience required

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Specific Skills

There are specify skill which you should possess in order to be allowed to work in this company and they are:

  • You must be able to maintain vehicles,
  • You should be good at uploading and offloading
  • Must be able to receive and pass on information to central dispatch
  • Making sure the cargo is in good shape and secured
  • Must be able to drive as part of a two-person convoy
  • Should be able to do an inspection on the vehicle’s equipment, lights, cold storage, brakes, and tire
  • Must be able to keep a record of the truck travel distance, service hour, the fuel consumption
  • Must be able to get the vehicle special permits, and other travel documents needed for the transport cargo to pass through international routes.
  • Should be able to oversee every aspect of the vehicle
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Documentation Knowledge

You should know few things on your documentation like Incident reports, Driver logbooks, Maintenance reports, and repair reports.

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Additional Skills

  • You should be able to show concern and address customer’s in a professional way
  • You must be an expert in mountain driving

Your own Equipment

  • You should have Steel-toed safety boots, and
  • Have a hard hat

Travel Information

  • You must be willing to travel across borders
  • You must be willing to travel extended periods of time
  • You must be able to travel overnight
  • Must be able to drive manual transmission vehicle
  • Should have a driver’s license.

Personal Suitability

There are some personal qualities you should possess:

  • You must be flexible
  • You must have an excellent written communication
  • Must be reliable
  • Must be a team player
  • You must have effective interpersonal skills
  • Must have excellent oral communication.

Deadline for Jobe Application

The deadline to apply for this job is the 23rd of Oct. 2021.

CONTACT INFORMATION: fulsangnurseries@gmail.com

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Appy Now

As a foreigner to be able to work as a driver at RNG Transports Inc. in Canada, you must have applied and received a work permit in your country if not, the employer will not consider you for the job.



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