Home Immigration Immigrate to Canada for a Farm Labourer Job in Fulsang Nurseries Inc.

Immigrate to Canada for a Farm Labourer Job in Fulsang Nurseries Inc.

Fulsang Nurseries Inc. in Canada

Fulsang Nurseries Inc. is in need of both Foreigners and citizens to work in their farm fields.

  • Payment:  You will be paid $14.39 and you get the opportunity to work 40 to 60 hours per week.
  • Start Date: 9th of Oct, 2021
  • Vacancies: They are in need of two people
  • Work duration: Seasonal employment, and Full time

Immigrate to Canada for a Farm Labourer Job in Fulsang Nurseries Inc.

What are the Job requirements?

  • Language: You must know how to communicate in English
  • Education: You do not need any degree, certificate, or diploma
  • Experience: You don’t need any experience to be a worker at the Fulsang Nurseries Inc.
  • Specific skills: Know how to Plant, cultivate crops and irrigate crops
  • Working environment: Since it is a farm wor, you will be working outside.

Work Conditions and Physical Capabilities

If you are not medically and physically fit, you may not be able to do this job because it requires a lot of strength. Below are few things that you should take note of before you proceed with your application.

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  • You should put in mind that you will work under pressure
  • The job is repetitive since it is all about Planting, cultivate crops, and irrigate crops
  • You will handle heavy loads, and
  • it is Physically demanding

You should be able to pay attention to the following;

  • You should be able to understand hand and eye co-ordination
  • Should be able to differentiate between colors
  • Bending
  • Standing for a period of time
  • Tight deadlines
  • Walking
  • crouching
  • kneeling, and
  • sitting

All these would be highly needed at the farm field.

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Work Location Information

  • Work would be done in Rural area
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Personal Suitability

  • Essential and active interpersonal skills, and Team player

How to Apply

Application Deadline:

  • The deadline for this job is the 11th of Nov. 2021

*** To be able to work at Fulsang Nurseries Inc. as a foreigner, you must have applied and received a work permit in your country if not, the employer will not consider you for the work.


  1. I want to work in Canada . I know how to plant cultivate crops and irrigate crops since it’s a farm, in my country Côte d’ Ivoire. I will be working outside.


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