How To Remove Stock Apps From Android Without Rooting

Today’s discussion is how to Remove Stock Apps From Android without rooting the phone.

Unnecessary apps can be at times very stubborn to delete in and android phone. The worst if it all is that, they does little or no contributions to our devices. This unnecessary apps are called Bloatware. Before i advance further, let us give a prelude of what  Bloatware is all about.

What Is BloatWare

Bloatware is a freeware that largely occupies and consumes a lot of space and RAM but carries unnecessary features. In further explanation, Bloatware is a software which adds no value to a device.

When you get a new android phone, Bloatware comes with that phone. Insamuch as we recognized that calculator, phone browser, galary, calendar and file explorer, also comes with the phones, they are not bloatware because, they are essential to us.  I know you are less comfortable with these apps being in your phone. That is why you are here, and I promise, you won’t regret coming here because I  teach your all you need to know on how to Remove Stock Apps From Android without rooting.

Why do were need to get rid of bloatware?

Because it consume space and slows your phones. 89% of people doesn’t use Bloatware apps because it is not vital to them. They still keep it in their phones because they don’t know the procedures of removing it. Removing these apps with a rooted phone is easy and straight, yes we know but what if I don’t want to root my phone? You know not everybody is a fan of phone rooting. Just like me.

Take this example and illustrations below to clear and make you understand bloatware better.

Illustration 1

I wanted deleting a bloatware app called Hangout. But as you can see in my screenshot, instead of showing me uninstall app, it showed me app info. 

How To Remove Stock Apps From Android Without Rooting
Remove Stock Apps From Android Without Rooting

That is why they are stubborn app. They don’t go easily..

Illustration 2

I also tried the same method to an Mozilla fire fox, and it showed uninstall + app info.

How To Remove Stock Apps From Android Without Rooting


What Tools Are Needed to Remove Stock Apps From Android Without rooting

To Remove Stock Apps From Android without rooting , there are some tools which fits in the requirements as seen below.

  1. First and foremost, you need a PC
  2. Secondly, you need a USB cable
  3. UBS Debugging should be enabled
  4. A debloater freeware (software)

How to download a debloater?

Download the tool here

Firstly, i Am Going To Explain How To Block It in your Mobile Device. Secondly, I am going to guild you on how to permanently stop it from your device. . All Phone version included. 

How To Block Stock Apps From Android Without Rooting

  • Firstly, you have to go to your settings on your android
  • After going to your settings scroll down the settings you will see about phone
  • How To Remove Stock Apps From Android Without Rooting
  •  Tap on the about phone 1 – 8 times, you will see Developers option or, you will see the Developers option in Settings – >system – >developer option
  • After selecting the developer option click on it
  • How To Remove Stock Apps From Android Without Rooting
  •  Enable it..
  • How to Remove Stock Apps From Android without rooting
  • Then locate the debugging and enable it.Remove Stock Apps From Android

Then get your PC, download the debloater Download it HERE, that is what you would use.

  • After u have finished downloading the debloater, you have to install it in your PC .
  • After installing the debloater, use your USB cable to connect your PC to your android device
  • When you have connected the two your PC and phone, the bloater will discover your phone.
  • After that you see a read phone packages tab, click the tab and it will start reading all applications in your phone .
  •  When it has finished reading all applications in your phone, the list of all your applications will appear. The one that has been blocked or active. Now this is where you start selecting all unwanted applications, like the stocked applications in your android device you want to delete.
  • After selecting all the applications you want to block in your android device then you move further by clicking the apply button
  • After clicking this button all the bloater apps would be blogs in your device



Step 2

How to permanently Stop Stock Apps in Android

Now this method is how to permanently stop stock apps in android from functioning. You might or may have come across this method but you never knew it could delete a bloater app.

Now I will lead you step by step  on how to permanently stop this unwanted apps from functioning….. let’s go there.

  1. Go to you settings
  2. locate app and tap
  3. After typing that, go to Application Manager
  4. Click on any of the app you want to block
  5.  When you click the app, you will see two options which are Force Stop and Disable app.  First of all you click on force stop then you click on this disable app.



In summary to what I have said you can see how easy it is to Remove Stock Apps From Android just by following this little listed steps above you will stand a chance to wipe out all blotter in your device without rooting .

After doing this you find out that your phone will be optimised in speed area. Like I have earlier said, bloatware  consumes a lot of ram space in your phone thereby making your phone very slow.

I was having same problem few months ago. My phone was very slow I couldn’t even do little thing in my phone without waiting for ages. if I try opening chrome’s i had to wait for about 5 minutes before it loads. But when I found out this methods I was happy because at least I have found a way of optimising my phone speed . So I use this method in achieving my aim why not try this with yours I knew if I had wanted rooting my phone, it would have been easier but like I said, in my previous topic , on 2 ways to install two whatsapp in one android phone I made it clear that, I don’t like rooting my phone and many other people don’t like it also because really affects phone negatively .

So this is  just my 2 cents for you to hour Remove Stock Apps From Android without getting to root it.


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