How To Get Traffic On A New Blog

How To Get Traffic On A New Blog is not a child’s play. I remembered creating a blog for a business partner some years ago, and I advised him to be dedicated in blogging and surely, he will make it someday.

How To Get Traffic On A New Blog

Well, let me blow your mind thats the best way to make a new blog rank is dedication and focus. You can’t be one week off one day on and you expect your blog to blossom. No it does not work that way. You have to be consistently focused on your blog and make sure it affects the mind of your readers.

Some people have the hope of creating a blog and immediately start earning from the blog which very possible. People stops blogging due to lack of traffic and what they had planned turns out to be a waste. But on this platform, we will  teach you How To Get Traffic On A New Blog with easy steps.

People have in mind that you must have started blogging for over 6 months to 1 year and must have at least 200 contents or above in your blog before you start earning from Google Adsense or any other means of earning. But you see that is a lie, because I’ve seen a lot of people that got approved on AdSense we just 10 posts, just like mine, all google needs from you is a good contents, some Good SEO tweak then you’re good to go.

However, if you are that kind of person who is willing to learn with keenness on how to improve your blog traffic, then you are in the right platform because I’m going to teach you ways in which we can start getting good traffic from your new blog.

 How To Get Traffic On A New Blog without  much Spending

1. Use Social Media like Facebook or Twitter

I know of a very popular site that gets 78% traffic from just facebook alone. Social media just like facebook plays a very vital role in driving traffic to your site. As for me when I started blogging in my other blog account, I used facebook to boost my blog traffic how? I used facebook ads to promote my blog.

This is to say that, with little amount of money  you come boost your blog to very large audience. One thing I really love about Facebook ads is that, you can select a specific audience and age grade you would like to target.

But before you start with Facebook ads you need to create Facebook page. Then use the Facebook page to create an ads.

2. Share your blog To Friends And Family

Sharing to your friends and family is another way of getting  traffic  for your blog. Once you are done creating your blog, all you need to do is tell your friends about your blog on facebook and twitter or even physically about your blog and tell them how important it is for them to always visit your blog.

For people to visit your blog they always want to know what that blog is all about, of what help is your block to them, of what important and benefit it does to their lives, before you do this you have to write meaningful content content that would affect them positively.

3. Do free giveaway on your blog

People love free things especially when they get paid for something they enjoy doing. For instance, Lindaikejiablog  is one of the most popular blogs in nigeria but upon that, she still do giveaway.  now people enjoy reading her post in her blog, but she still  pay them but what she pays them is nothing compared to how much he earns.

You can notify your readers by giving out prizes for maybe those who were the first 10 to comment. You will see that by so doing, people would start flooding to your site just because they need that free money

4. Advertise With Google Ads

If you’re looking for a way  on How To Get Traffic On A New Blog then you might have not heard of google ads. When you use google to advertise your blog google would even make your blog out rank top blogs that uses seo with similar niche.

One thing I so much love about google ads is that it is very cheap. You can start advertising your blog on google ads with just $1 per day.

You may have been trying to meet up with people who uses seo? Use Google ads and add Seo and see the magic.  Some people thinks they  are above making use of google ads, well just to clear your eyes, even top blogs uses google ads to advertise their blog. Even though they’re already popular they use it. So it is worth it just give it a try.

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5. Avoid Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a most popular trends among bloggers, most especially entertainment bloggers. Are you finding the secret on How To Get Traffic On A New Blog? then I guess you should do away with anything that has to do with plagiarism.

When I was new into blogging, I plagiarised alot not because I couldn’t write meaningful contents for my readers. But because I never knew google frowns at it and in a large scale, it is against blogging rules. Then at my early blogging stage, i did plagiarized alot.

Google never found my blog worthy to be on internet nor my was my blog given a meaningful ranking.  I had to research on how to improve my blog. With little researches, i found out that, it was actually against blogging rule and against google terms and policies to steal contents.  I stopped it and deleted all my contents which was around 1000+  just to start again

How To Get Traffic On A New Blog
How To Get Traffic On A New Blog

How To Get Traffic On A New Blog – conclusion

If you’re looking for a ways on how to get traffic on a new blog just follow this simple procedures which I have explained above. In my next post, I will talk more about fining keyword Seo

Please would like to hear your views concerning this post or any other related ideas you would like to contribute and please do visit our blog for more updates.

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