How To Download YouTube Videos To Your Phone With Tubemate

How to download YouTube Videos to your phone with tubemate.

Downloading videos from youtube can be a hell of a job most especially when you find some really interesting movies you would like to download but how  to download them is the major setback. Movies in the 21st century has highly skyrocketed to a higher echelon making it much more interesting to watch.

Many people don’t have time visiting the cinema or any other movie viewing centre to watch movies due to one or two reasons. As a result of this, they decide to watch the movies on youtube when they are free. But as we all know, watching videos on youtube is not that fun because it is not very flexible unlike watching a movie on your device gallery.   With this method you will not have to go to the youtube every single day and time trying to search and watch a particular movie.

This method is indeed one of the most simplest way of downloading videos from youtube. No stress attached to it. It’s a straight gateway.

Before I continue, I would would to give a preface on what TubeMate is all about.

What is TubeMate?

TubeMate is a youtube downloading app that allows you to download youtube videos directly to your phone no matter the size of the video.

This app is very easy to use. You can select the quality formata of video you will like to download in this app. Indeed, this app has made it easier by allowing us to select a specific quality of video to  our phone. Not all phones accept a particulatar quality. Some higher version of MP4 would not play on some android phone. So with Tubemate, you can selete what ever your phone is likely to accept.

This is to say that it improvise and accept all type of phones.

So let me show you  to How to download YouTube Videos to your phone with tubemate.


How to download YouTube Videos to your phone with tubemate

You may be thinking of going to play store and downloading the tubemate. Cool down, it is not on Google play store. Tubemate as we have come to know is one of the most popular youtube downloaders and google frowns at anything competing with their brand. Oh! Lest I forget,  google also owns play store. Tubemate look exactly like youtube but the only difference is, tubemate  so many features unlike Youtube. So google had to remove it from playstore. Be that as it may, you can still download it from other source  by clicking this link below

NOTE: Before you download, make sure you enable your phone to download from all sources.  Too do that, go to setting on your device, then go to security scroll down , you will something like ” unknown source,” tap on it to enable your device download any app from any source . take a look at the photo below.

So let us ride on..

Download the tubemate here.


After you have clicked on the download link above, it will redirect you to a source in which you can download the tube mate.

Download it after downloading it install the app to your android phone.

After you I finish installing it to your android device you launch i

Then it will show you something like this in a photo below, tap on youtube.

After you have tapped the youtube it will direct you to its main page where you can search for any video on youtube you would like to download. Like I have earlier said, it look exactly like youtube but this one has numerous features while YouTube don’t really have much

How to download YouTube to your phone with tubemate

Then search for whatever movie or music or media you feel like downloading in the search button as seen below

How to download YouTube to your phone with tubemate

After searching for the video, the video will appear plus numerous vidoes relating to the one you have in mind to download. By the right side you will see a red buttoned arrow facing down then you click on the arrow it will bring out the qualities you may want to download with such as the mp4 the mp3 GP or the audio format. Then u click on anyone u wish to download and start your downloads.

Happy now you see it is not that hard to download videos from youtube with this simple steps above, downloading  videos on youtube would be very easy.

And one of the main reason I download from tubemate is that, it does not consume data unlike youtube when you start watching videos on youtube they consume lots of data. In fact between youtube and instagram I can barely compare which of them consumes data.


In Conclusion

Now you have known the secret of How To Download YouTube Videos To Your Phone With Tubemate  I recommend to use this method for a stressless download.



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