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How Much Do I Need to Apply For a Visitor Visa In Canada?


The account balance is an essential detail when intending to apply for a Visitor visa. The account bank statement is needed by the official to learn in the event that you can easily deal with your funds during your visit to Canada. Consequently, candidates who have been asking what sum ought to be in their account that will be adequate enough for a visitor visa ought to read carefully.

Although, the amount of cash you need greatly relies on how long you will remain in Canada and regardless of whether you are intending to remain in a hotel or with your family members or companions. Notwithstanding, you need to know why you need a visitor’s visa and what a visitor’s visa is.

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What Is A Visitors Visa?

A visitors visa is a document that is rendered to travelers that want to spend some time in Canada for various reasons. Therefore, applicants will not be granted an application if they are not in possession of this visitor’s visa.

Why You Need A Visitors Visa

Do you have dreams of going to Canada on a short trip for any reason? Be it a vacation, business, or sightseeing? You should’ve in mind that you can not be allowed into Canada without a visitors visa.

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Apart from eligible bank statement requirements, there are other key requirements that you must meet in order to apply for a visitor visa.

To apply, you must be qualified for the following:

  • Must be in possession of a valid passport or travel document
  • Must be in a good health condition
  • Must have not been convicted for immigration-related issues.
  • Proof that you have prior strong ties to your home country which will make you return once the visa expires, for instance, home, job, family, or any financial assets
  • Convince that you return to your home country at the end of your stay duration in Canada.
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In addition, you can have an amount saved up for these;

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  1. Booked flight tickets
  2. Must have a Hotel/accommodation in Canada already.
  3. Traveling domestically with the following:
    1. buses
    2. flights
    3. trains, or
    4. cabs
  4. Some shopping, and
  5. Have some tickets for the country’s local attractions like the aquarium, ferries, beach rides, safari, Ripley’s, CN tower, and other mind-blowing destinations.

For one person, you should have at least a minimum of $8,000-$10,000; If you can come up with $10,000 then the higher chances for you. It is your money, and it is in your bank account. You can decide not to spend much when you get to Canada. Also, the officer would need the applicants to make a submission of their assets values just to make sure they can finance their stay while in Canada. In addition, the officer requires that you prove the strong ties you have to your home country which include jobs, family, etc. This is to make sure you have no intentions of staying more than expected in Canada.

How Much Money Applicants Need

Knowing that all fingers are not equal, applicants are to have in mind that the aforementioned $10,000 is not definite. However, the number of members of your family members who are also partaking in the trip is a determinant factor. The price range is around $10,000 per person. Hence, if you are going along with a family member, it will cost a whopping $20,000.

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As the number of people you are traveling with increases, it should also reflect on your bank statement. If you intend to visit Canada and the fee is incomplete according to their required bank statement concerning funding, your visa may be delayed and in the worst cases, denied.


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