How Can Breast Cancer Be Prevented

How can breast cancer be prevented

So we were just four in the family, before one left us making us three.  What were you thinking I was heading to? Well, typing about what took my mum from us is just like intentionally recollecting painful memories i have been hiding. But for the sake of preventing people from such disease, posterity will not forgive me if I hold back in telling you how  breast cancer can be prevented. The big question is, how Can Breast Cancer Be Prevented?

Leaving with a cancer patient can be very devastating I mean very very devastating. Using my family as a case study, i would say, our suffering was second to none.

Watching your mum suffering such a horrible disease is the greatest suffering you could ever imagined. Hers was stage 2 – 3.  Though she was religious and had faith to be healed, she was always in the hospital, took herbal medications and did what she couldn’t have done, but breast cancer of course is a very deadly disease that becomes hard to be cures when fully developed.

But in conclusion to the above, she died. It was painful, too painful. So I made up my mind to always broadcast the message on how can breast cancer can be prevented.

Note: She was not a smoker non does she drinks alcohol.

Before we proceed I would like us to take a brief look on what cancer is all about.


What Is Cancer

A cancer can be defined as the process whereby atypical cells separates without control and destroys the body tissue.

Cancer is best treated when it is been discovered earlier. Because there are some stages where it reaches it becomes incurable. So it is best treated when you discovers it earlier.

However, to be on the safer side you should always visit the hospital for medical check up and if peradventure you notice a lump in your body you should do well by doing a medical check up. It would be much better if you spend a few dollars for medical check up than spending your life savings on cancer treatment which may likely not work.

Types of Popular Cancer diseases

1. Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is a kind of cancer that develops in the cell of the Breast. it is common with women, it rarely happens to men. It is Treatable but by a professional in Medicines or in such field.

Symptoms includes lump in the Breast, discharge of blood from the nipples and changes in nipples and breasts

how can breast cancer can be prevented

Note:   Treatment depends on the stage of the cancer. If it has gotten to  stage 3 and above,  it is roughly possible to be cured

2. Prostrate Cancer

This type of cancer is when a seminal fluid is produced by a man’s prostate.

The symptom is difficulty in unirating but there might not be any symptoms at all.

3. Basal cell cancer

This is a type of skin cancer that occurs in the basal cell

4. Leukemia

This is a kind of blood forming tissue which prevents the body from fighting infection. Its symptoms are  fatigue, bleeding easily, weight loss and frequent infection.

5. Lung cancer

This kind of cancer takes place in the lung. It is popular to people who smokes.

Other type of cancers are

  • Melanoma: A serious skin cancer
  • Colon cancer: A cancer that occurs in the rectum
  • Lymphoma: A type of cancer occurring in the lymphatic system

Well other type of cancers are not our discussion today, it is just to let you know about other cancers. Our discussion is How Can Breast Cancer Be Prevented?.

How to reduce the risk of Breast cancer

We are going to reveal ways of preventing breast cancer. Remember, prevention is better than cure. it is very vital to  follow these methods which would be listed explained below. So How Can Breast Cancer Be Prevented?

Note: There are some risk factors which can’t be prevented. Factors hereditary or family history. Now back to the main discussion of today.

Ways To Prevent Breast Cancer

How Can Breast Cancer Be Prevented. Let’s go on with the list.

1. Avoid intake of too much alcohol

Alcohol can be addictive I know. But you have to greatly reduce to minimum the way you take alcohol. The more alcohol you take, the greater risks of you being vulnerable to cancer. Like in my previous post, 10 ways to live a healthy lifestyle  I advised that, alcohol should be taken once or twice per week. If you feel you can’t stop drinking alcohol or you are very addictive to taking alcohol, do well by visiting a therapist.

So try reducing the ways you consume such a drink.

2. Reduce your habit of smoking

Smoking, just like drinking alcohols, are common between dual genders. As a women, you want to prevent any risk of getting this virus, try avoiding smoking as it is dangerous and toxic to the health. Though it commonly attack the lung drastically but it also affect the breast.

3. Watch your weight

As a woman, you need to watch your weight as being overweight increase the risk of cancer. Women becomes weighty when they reach there menopause which shouldn’t be allowed. Always watch your weight.

4. Do exercise and be active physically

Women should always do exercise and be physically active because it helps you in having a healthy weight which simultaneously prevent the chance of cancer occurrence.

5. Breast feed your child always.

A woman should always breastfeed her child, it is very important. The more you breastfeed, the more the risks if cancer is lowered. I have seen women that buys external milk for their babies because they don’t want a sagging breast. Please avoid that.

6. Get occasional medical check

A woman may not know when cancer has started developing in her body system. It start with some little changes in her body. Then it may later come with lump in the breast side or in the armpit. A cancer may start developing In a body for more than 20 years before it is fully developed. So you as a woman should always check your self up and know when such a deadly disease is about to happen.

What you should do as a woman

Many women noticed this when it is too late that is why it becomes hard for them to be treated. If cancer is noticed at a very early stage, it won’t be hell of a job to get rid of it.

Incase you also see lump in any part of your body, please consult a medical expert. Though I am not saying every lump must be cancer, but it is still in your best interest to see an expert.


What you should do when you found out that you have cancer

Some people result to committing suicide than going through an unendurable pain. Well, being a cancer patient is not the end of the road as miracle can still happen. Don’t kill yourself, just believe you will survive. When you notice it immediately, start treatments. Don’t kill yourself with thinking. Remember, it is only you that can make yourself stronger.

But on the long run, hope for the best and expect the worst.

Hope these writeups answered the question “How Can Breast Cancer Be Prevented”.


Source: mayoclinic

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