Hausa Girls Are Pretty But Useless On Bed – Man On Twitter



Hausa Girls Are Pretty But Useless On Bed, A Man On Twitter says

A Man on Twitter name @cuzzy00 has admit to the fact that Hausa women are very pretty but when every one was thinking he was singing their praise, boom!!! He swiftly changed by say they are also very useless when it comes to exploring their dexterity on bed.. In his statement, Hausa Girls Are Pretty But Useless On Bed.


Not only that, he also said Hausa girls are very boring when it comes to communication. In his write-ups “they lack good communication skills.”

Here is his tweet below

Take away their pretty face, most Hausa women have nothing to offer in relationships, their love and communication skills is very poor, not to talk of how terrible they’re in bed. Give a Hausa man a taste of Yoruba or Nupe sex game and he’d never go back to Hausa women.

I wonder why this arewa girls have this superiority complex on this app when it comes to following guy’s. Follow a girl frm southern Twitter & she won’t hesitate to follow back. But our girls here in the north have that pride. Y’ll shld lower ya gaze, ko markadan zai matso kanku



Do you notice what I am noticing? Lol. Sha let me don’t talk further oh. But he has no right to say Hausa Girls Are Pretty But Useless On Bed because he hasn’t tested every woman in Hausa land. Let him first date every lady in Hausa land before he lectures us that Hausa Girls Are Pretty But Useless On Bed.

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