Ferrari Set Ablaze By The Yellow Vest Protesters In France(Video)


Porsche & Ferrari Set Ablaze By The Yellow Vest Protesters in France

The protesters has set ablaze a Porsche & Ferrari car.

yellow vest protesters


This ugly incident occured due to the 20% increase in diesel price and the planned fuel tax hike which was announced by President Macron Emmanuel.

yellow vest protesters

The angry Protesters blocked the roundabout to carry out the attack.

Their aim is to send message to the Government to do well by reducing the increase in diesel.

yellow vest protesters

In case you don’t know who Yellow vest protesters are, let me brief you below:

Who are the Yellow Vest Protesters?

The protesters are among the movement Yellow Vest Movement.

They are also called Yellow Jacket Movement.

These protesters are grassroots political movement formed in November 2018 to checkmate the economic injustice in France

Here is the video of them burning these costly carsĀ  below:

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