Election Double Fall: Pres. Buhari Nealy Fall Again At Kaduna Rally

Buhari almost fell in kaduna

Another fall nearly took place again in Kaduna by our President after The first fall in Kogi Presidential Rally.

The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Escaped embarrassment after he nearly fell in kaduna Buhari almost fell in kaduna

when he was about taking his sit at the just concluded APC Rally in kaduna State.


The People of Nigeria are seriously worried about his state of health. Remember he almost fell in kogi after the Rally? See the video below

My thought about President Buhari Fall.

Buhari still had the full right to participate in the 2019 general elections, but I feel he needs rest. I mean, he has being ruling ever since many of us were born, why don’t he just take a rest on political matter. Better still, he can be an elder Statesman in Politics. Same write-ups applies to Abubakar Atiku. They are too old for Nigerians

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We need vibrant youth to take over the mantle of leadership and not old men.

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