Donald Trump 2019 Net Worth


Not only is this tycoon the president of United State Of America, but he was the first ever president to be a billionaire before becoming a President: Donald Trump 2019 Net Worth

Donald Trump 2019 Net Worth
Donald Trump 2019 Net Worth

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Now, let’s get down to Donald Trump 2019 Net Worth

Donald Trump is the 45th president of America and a successful Business man.

He is 71 years old and has built a citadel of business empire.

He success story is quite impressive.

Trump took over his father’s business and established it to what it is now.
That was his dream.

Donald Trump 2019 Net Worth

Donald Trump 2019 Net Worth is $3.1 billion.

Donald Trump 2019 Net Worth: His Early Life

The business mogul was born in the year July 14th 1946 in Queens, New York.

Donald Trump and 4 of his siblings went to Forest Hills at the Kew-Forest school.

While still in school at the age 13, he was having some difficulties in school.

Because if this, His father sent him to a military school in New York to straightened him a little and make him to be more focused in a positive way.

Trump was much into sport. Sports like baseball, soccer, volley ball etc

He later graduated from Wharton School of the University in the year 1968.

The Career of Donald Trump

Just like Femi Otedola the business Mogul and billonaire who started from his father’s printing press, Trump started from his father business called “Elizabeth Trump and Son”.

The company was based in  Brooklyn with its major focus on rental housing for the average Joe.

Trump aim was to be the president of America some day which was later actualised.

Well, some people were furious and sad about him winning the Presidential sit, because they thinks he is a racist but the fact still remains.

Donald Trump 2019 Net Worth: His properties

Donald Trump 2019 Net Worth is placed as $3.1 billion

The Company Elizabeth Trump and Son’, which was established by his father was later changed to  The Trump Organization in 1971 by Trump when he was given total control of the company.

This happened after he was full time into the business for just 3 years.

The company was previously into real estate for average people before it was highly established and now owning some if the wonderful and most buildings in the world.

The Trump World Tower which has brought hundreds of millions into the company is also one of this wonderful building building buildings

Trump Organization owns numerous properties like Hotels, Skyscrapers, Golf course, vineyards and many other real estate.

He has currently employed 22k people in Trump Organization

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Trump didn’t just take over his father company and relax because the money was there. No, there is need for expansion.

If that was actually what he did, then he won’t get such blossoming wealth.

Do you want to make it big like Donald Trump? Here are few steps to follow

Forget about the past and focus on the present.

Some people allow the past regrets to over cloud their present.

If you had failed or made mistakes in the past, don’t think over it all the time because it will make you regret more and bring your thinking capacity down.

What you should do it take corrections from the past and amend your present.

Think about different ideas the present situation could bring to you.

Even Jeff Bezos failed in his project, but with persistent nature never to give up, he is the richest man in the word

Learn from your Failures

Like I have stated already, don’t let your mistakes derail you mind.

You should take strictly each failure as an opportunity to do well in next attempt.

I know of a guy that lost almost $320k in a project but he kept trying till it was actualised.

Now he earns almost twice if that money per month.

Do you think if he had gotten downcasted about the whole situation, he would have attained that level? No.

Learn from your mistake


Be a great thinker

Don’t focus on less.
You have the right to think big, and be ambitious to getting your heart desire.


Don’t do what makes you uncomfortable

Some people do what they hate just because a good pay is involved.

I know of a top blogger why left modeling job and went into blogging line, now she earns not less than $200k per month.

Why? She was good and comfortable in that area.


Put the spirit of Optimism

You should stay positive in anything you do.

Don’t think that some things are not possible to achieve.

Remember, even the word ‘Impossible’ is still written ‘I’m-possible.’

So try to be optimistic and believe me, you will accomplish your goal

If Trump had had any negative thinking about his business, then he wouldn’t had made it this far.

Learn from your past Experience

Have you heard that experience is the best teacher?

Like what I said earlier, when you fail, don’t take it as though you life depend on that failure.

Always learn from previous mistakes

Go for your passion.

Go for anything you love doing. Things you feel would benefit others. Don’t allow anything or anyone to influce you

Things that shouldn’t influenced you

  • Money: Don’t use for the sake of money make yourself unhappy. Don’t you think it is really enjoyable when you earn money from something you love doing, even for free? I think that Is the best. Just settle and find your potential on what area you are good in
  • Friends: Don’t get influenced by friends. Maybe they are going into a business you ain’t comfortable with, but because of you don’t want to disappointed them, you agreed to join them by leaving your passion. Listen to me, yes you, when you fail, it is still those friends that would laugh  and gossip about you in your back. So follow you mind..

That is all for Donald Trump 2019 Net Worth

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