Does Lions Heart By Genevive Really Worth The Hype?

Lions Heart By Genevive

lions heart by genevive

Does Lions Heart By Genevive Really Worth The Hype? I was never a Nigerian movie fan neither would i be except things changes for good ( lol, though my not watching Nigerian movies changes absolutely nothing).


I always get disturbed about “LionHeart” both in my dreams, friends and family friends and family members telling me to watch a ‘must watch’ trending movie. What is so special about this movie? I guess it’s just one of those boring Nigerians movies out there I thought. Well, my thought may be right or wrong with the question Does Lions Heart By Genevive Really Worth The Hype?


Lions Heart By Genevive

Of course, this movie premiere had being the most anticipated of recent times. Most especially when it always appears in almost all media platform like blogs, facebook and other means of adverts until it release. What really skyrocketed the movie was when Netflix acquired ” LionHeaet. ” Though it was already popular.

Incase you don’t know what Netflix is all about, i will briefly explain to you below.

What is Netflix

Netflix, Inc. founded in 1997 is an American media-services provider in califonia, headquartered in Los Gatos, California. It was founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Scotts Valley, California.

Netflix occupies the world’s 10th-largest internet company by revenue. Yes! This is to show you how big Netflix is.

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10 ways to live a healthy lifestyle

Back to the topic:

So What’s up? I was bewildered, very bewildered about this. About Lionheart by Genevive being acquired by Netflix because was it first of it kind in Nigeria. So I decided to give it a try by watching this hyped movie. I had  promise myself never to watch any Nigerian movies but not this particular one.  I was caught in this! Yes i was caught because i hated Nigerian movies but “LionHeart” was the talk of the town which I couldn’t resit. But does Lions Heart By Genevive Really Worth The Hype?

My Standpoint After Watching  Lionheart By Genevieve

God really knows, I mean really knows that I don’t like most of  Nigerian movies but here is one thing really spectacular about Lionheart. It was Natural. 

How was it natural? You could see the way they acted lionheart if you have really watched it. This was a family business. it’s such a business everybody tries to contribute their two cents to the development and success of the company.

With this, nobody had to get scared about their wicked uncle in the village who tries to get rid of his brother and take over the business or, their witch aunty in the village who tries to make anyone become  poor like her or run mad because of how successful her relations are.

Ikem Owoh was the brother to Pete Edochie and uncle to Genevieve in the movie. He took the entire burden upon himself to see that the company’s debt is being solved.

To me I think the movie is not overhyped. In fact, it is underrated in Nigeria. A movie that teaches  everyone that all hope is not yet lost when you’re alive.  A movie that also promotes African culture  in a very clear context. Movie that has one of its sole purpose of promoting inter-ethnic peaceful coexistence among different ethnic region. A movie that brings in suspense and catharsis.

Please Gene, keep on the good work.

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In conclusion

To be plain with you, if nigerians could at least take a few steps of lion’s heart by Genevieve, Nigeria movie industry would strive for the better. They should always do away with witches and wizard fantasies wizard fantasies. Yes witches might exist or they might not but Nollywood should think out side the box of more advance ideas not just acting same thing all over and over again  expecting a different result.


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