Does ghost really exist or not

Ghost! Ghost! Does ghost really exist or not

Some would pee in their pants at the mention of Ghost, while some would just laugh it off calling Ghost gist a lame tales by moon light.

Does ghost really exist or not?

Does ghost really exist or not

I don’t know, just continue reading.

I read a post on a popular forum about a guy who said he saw a ghost in the market, so I’m wondering if Ghost really exist.

He claimed that he really saw a ghost and wants us to believe his real life experience.

Below was what he posted.

“People tends to push aside the fact that ghosts and spirits live amongs us, maybe its because they have not encounterd the supernatural. “Today was a market day in our town so this afternoon after church i accompanied a friend to the market. we got there and we both went to the shop where belts are sold, there is a woman there but i felt this strange and cold feeling withing me when my guy was bargaining on the price, brothers and sisters, the woman had two heads, though i knew right there that i was the only one that is seeing what im seeing based on past experiences, so i had to maintain my cool, i told the woman that we will return and excuse my friend, i told him what i saw and he was dumbfounded, today at the market i saw an old lady with three legs, i saw a guy walking backwards, it was not new to me though. I had to leave the market place for it was too much”

I am not a kind of person that believe on ghost, but what do I know?

That is why i have brought this to the table of men to debate on.

Does ghost really exist or not

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