Chinese Billionaire Call Australia A Giant Baby For Revoking His Visa

A Chinese billionaire call Australia a giant baby for striping him off his Permanent Residents Visa due to the growing influence of China.


Huang Xiangmo a Property developer had an interview with Chinese state-run Global Times newspaper.


He told them in the interview that, the occurrence has greatly affected his personal life.

Chinese billionaire call Australia a giant baby
Leader of the Opposition Bill Shorten holds a photograph of Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop and chinese businessman Huang Xiangmo during Question Time in the House of Representatives

According to him,

“Three generations of my family have lived in Australia for seven years,” he told the tabloid. “Apart from me, all those in the family is Australian citizens … Australia is their home.”

The Australia Media had reported that, the reason of his denial to stay in Australia is because of the close relationship he has with the  Chinese government.

Chinese billionaire call Australia a giant baby
Chinese billionaire call Australia a giant baby

He has no doubt contributed to Australia politics.

Since 2012, he has being contributing to the two main political parties in Australia.

He has also being pictures with high ranked political figures in Australia such as former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Huang has expressed his disappointment over the reason of his visa being revoked.

He has described the thought that his donations to political parties and connection with Chinese Government as “ridiculous.”

“My words and actions are fully in accordance with Australia’s foreign policies and laws,” he said

Though, the Business man and Chinese Political figure had previously created some controversies in 2017.

Former Labor senator Sam Dastyari  was apparently compelled to step down due to the closeness he had with Huang.

News had it that, Former Labor senator Sam Dastyari  told the Business man that, Australia intelligence may have compromised his phone.

Chinese Billionaire Call Australia A Giant Baby

The Chinese Billionaire Call Australia A Giant Baby.

In a long Global Times interview, Huang Xiangmo has said that Australia has the innate characteristics of a giant baby

This he said when he was asked of the issue between Beijing and Canberra.

“This is an objective fact and it does not mean Australia has to feel inferior. The growth of a giant baby takes time, and Australia still has a long way to go,” he said.

Beijing and Canberra  went soured in 2017 when the Australia Government introduced package of foreign interference laws due to the reason that, China was growing in Politics, Education wise and Media in the country.

According to Huang every Chinese person in Australia could face scrutiny from Australia’s intelligence services.

“What I did not expect is that a system that boasts democracy and rule of law would allow some people from its intelligence agency to punish a permanent resident with groundless accusations,” he said.

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