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Can A HIV Patient Immigrate To Canada?


People with HIV are allowed to travel to Canada. However, HIV status is one of the main factors the Government of Canada considers in determining whether a person can remain in Canada for an all-encompassing period.

Immigration to Canada for people who test positive for

HIV Depending on the disease you have

Canada’s strict policy of making a person unacceptable/unacceptable to Canada on welfare and health issues means they cannot come to Canada if the conditions are:

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  • This may be a risk to the public interest and public health
  • This is likely to be a security risk for Canadians.
  • Another reason for its inadmissibility is the excessive demand for health or social benefits and how this
  • might affect Canada’s healthcare costs.

In any case, the first two conditions are hardly a problem, except in situations where reckless behaviour makes their case particularly dangerous or where they are most likely not to follow or cooperate with instructions from their doctor or health authority. The third criterion most likely affects HIV-positive migrants.

Excessive demand means that a person’s health problems, conditions, and costs will be more than $15,000 over a 5 year period. Not everyone with HIV meets these criteria because all cases are unique.

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If you are not spending unnecessarily on medical or medical, or social benefits in Canada, you will need to bring documents and take a test to prove it.

Family class immigration

Suppose you are a permanent resident or citizen of Canada. In that case, you can only bring a close relative or family member who has tested positive for HIV into Canada if they are your spouse or partner and that person is your child.

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Your parents or grandparents may not be allowed to enter Canada due to excessive health or medical requirements.

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Immigration deals in Canada with HIV

Many Canadian immigration flows require medical and medical tests, including those in economy class (skilled or skilled workers, entrepreneurs, investors, and business visionaries).

As mentioned above, there are so many different streams that are not exempt from health or medical unacceptable, including guardians and grandparents. However, if a person is denied entry to Canada due to a medical problem or condition, they still have the option to appeal in several ways:

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  • Support (at Family Class Immigration fee) can speak to or contact the IRB’s Immigration Appeals Department
  • The applicant may appeal to the Federal Supreme Court.
  • Applicants can apply for a temporary residence permit.


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