Biography of Nina ivy: Her Networth, Family, and Education

Biography of Nina Ivy is going to be narrated on this page. So iΒ am going to ride you through the biography of Nina Ivy.

Well, I should rather say, let me gist you on the biography of Nina ivy know why?….

Because I know her personally.

Though, I would not disclose my relationship with her but were where once very close before her surprised fame.

So trust me, anything I say about the biography of nina Ivy is %100 legit.

If it isn’t from this platform the biography of Nina ivy is coming from, then it needs to be questioned. Trust me!! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

Now, let my just gist you something.

It was like a shock to her community because no one would believe a star may come out from Onyenobi’s compound (her father’s compound). Or it was just unexpected.

Nina has a large family.

Her grand Dad, Onyenobi, married to 6 wives. Nina ivy’s grade mum(Onyenobi’s first wife) was the most elder wife amongst others.

Nina’s father is the most elder son among Onyenobi’s children.

It was just like a surprise to those who lived with her in the same community and compound in particular

Let me gist you how it was like

The first night of introduction in Big brother Naija house was a blast in the compound.

People were making calls to know if she was actually a participant Big Brother Naija.

I was there live.

People discussion then was like :

First person: Nina is live on TV

Second person: Lies, she isn’t

Third person: Isn’t she the one I saw 3 days ago?

Fourth person: O gosh!! She is the one, wow, how manage.. How did she get through? Out of thousands?

It was something no body expected

Then, everything became normal as days goes by.

Now, let’s go to the main discussion which is Biography of Nina ivy.

Biography of Nina Ivy

Nina ivy real name is Nina Chinonso Onyenobi. Born into the family of Mr. Majestic and Mrs. Polin Onyenobi

She was born and brought up in orji, in an autonomous community called Umegowerem.

She is the 4th child in the family of 2 boys, 3 girls

How she made it into Big brother Naija is still very surprising.
Most especially those who knew her right from time before her fame.

Nina Ivy right from time had always being passionate about being a star.

Her love for beauty contest and modeling was second to none.

She made her mind to be a star one way or the other.

It would please you to know that, Nina participated in IMSU Most Beautiful Face contest in 2015.

Although she lost to Sandra Joseph. She never gave up her Dreams to be a star.

Biography of Nina ivy: Her Education

Nina Ivy gained Admission into Imo state university in 2014

She spent 2 years searching for Admission.

She applied for UNN but was later given Admission into IMSU to study English And Literary studies.

Her initial mind was to study Law in UNN, but she wasn’t qualified to study Law at that moment due to her score in Post Jamb.

She was below average in the dept of English and literature.

Information has it that, she cared less about her result because she had in mind to become a celebrity.

She was below average in the dept of English and literature.

Information has it that, she cared less about her result because she had in mind to become a celebrity.

With such mindset of her’s, her grades in English department suffered greatly.

She went to Big Brother Naija even though she wasn’t yet a graduate.

And in the process of the Big Brother Naija Reality Show she participated in, she missed a whole 300 level semester Exam.

It has not being clarified if she would still go back to IMSU to write those exams she had missed

Biography of Nina Ivy: Her Sex Life

Even before she moved to Big Brother Naija House, we were told from a close source that she was a sex addict.

They were less surprised when she had sex with Miracle love on screen.

According to people staying around her, it was a normal thing for her.

Also in Big Brother house, she was the first to have a French kiss, hot romance and sex amongst other house mates.

Though, she was still loved by many due to her naive nature.

Biography of Nina ivy
image of nina

And some just love her like that because they think she is beautiful


Adekunle Gold Biography, Lifestyle, Age and relationship

Nina Ivy’sΒ  Relationship

She dated a lot of guys those days but I can remember a Yoruba guy he dated.

He was in imo state then. But when he left, they loosed communications.

He also dated Collins before she left for Big Brother Naija

But later dumped him and started dating miracle.

Collins on the other hand had refused to comment on his being dumped by Nina ivy

Miracle promised to maintain his relationship with Nina even after the show.

They acted quite well as true lovers.

Their fans loved it and even nick named them Mina (Miracle+Nina) while they were still in the house after their pairing up.

But after the Big Brother Naija reality show, Nina got dumped by Miracle.

In fact, he came out plainly and said he was never dating her, it was just for the gram (Money).

Nevertheless, they were still casual friends, nothing more than that.

She also had problem with a Nigeria male bieber Bobrisky.

Bobrisky happens to help her mobilize votes for while she was in Big brother Naija house.

According to bobrisky Nina is very ungrateful.

After Nina was out from the house, she didn’t show respect to him instead, she went to Toyin his business rival.

Bobrisky and Toyin operate on costume, Hairs, Make-ups, creams and other artificials for ladies.

Note also that, while Nina was in the House, she became 5 runner up out of 20 people who were also in the house

People believed it was just grace that kept her in that house.

That she doesn’t merit her stay because she is dumb.


Biography of Nina ivy: Her Networth

Nina Ivy is just a new celebrity therefore you shouldn’t expect much from her.

Her Networth is currently placed at N25 Million.

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