Best apps to chat with friends

best apps to chat with friends

Best apps to chat with friends

Best apps to chat with friends. This is 21th century and everything is going digital. The analogical way of doing things has long being inhume. In those days, things were done manually and it was not really fun, though some people prefer the 19th – 20th century to this present century.  The 21th century came in with different packs of technologies which everyone tries to improvise to these changes.

Means of communication changed. You don’t have to send letters through the post office anymore. With just a phone in your hand, you can reach out to any body at any part of the world, and at any time you feel like to without having to go through stress.

Being home alone at time is really frustrating most especially when you have no interesting thing doing to get you busy. Have you head of a saying that says,

“Boredom kills?”

Yes, boredom kills and I agree with that assertion. Being at home with no meaningful apps to communicate with your friends, family or even stranger can be very tiring. Well, have you made up your mind to download chatting apps by visiting google playstore  because of boredom.

Now listen to this: Google playstore can be funny at times, i mean very, very funny. For instance, you are in need of  best apps to chat with friends and you type on google playstore ” best apps to chat with friends “. it may give you hundreds of apps  without giving you the very actual apps you need. Well, the reason we are here is to guild you on the best apps to chat with friends without getting bored. Here, I am going to tell you the best apps to chat with friends and be in touch.

Best apps to chat with Facebook

1. Facebook

Well, Facebook would always dominate my number one list. recorded that as of the third quarter of 2018, Facebook had 2.27 billion monthly active users. Imagine how big Facebook is. If it were not really good, I am less sure people would even consider getting such app.

On this platform, you get to meet numerous people. You get to chat with friends, family members and you even get to meet new people on facebook. Also, you cam get to do video calls through facebook, create a group chat with low or less data.

I even know of a friend who got married to a friend he met on Facebook. With any kind of phone, be it android, symbian, or even java phones, you are still compatible to use Facebook. Indeed this is a good app, and I recommend this app to you, go get it asap and thank me later.

You don’t know where to download Facebook app?

Well, Facebook really made it easier to its users. If you don’t want to get the app, you can just type on any browser in your phone and register if you haven’t. If you need the app, you can get it from Google playstore though this link here DOWNLOAD  FACEBOOK HERE.

best apps to chat with friends

Have you here of the lite version of Facebook? It is very easy and mobile friendly, you can also get the lite version of Facebook be clicking here  GET FACEBOOK LITE HERE.

best apps to chat with friends

Lite version is very durable a very easy to use. I also recommend this app to you.


2. WhatsApp

No body needs to tell you about this because of it popularity. According to, WhatsApp has an active user of 1.5 billion monthly. With WhatsApp, you can chat with all type of people without minding where they are with just their phone number. It was created in such a way it would be easier to use by everyone. You can also call with either video or voice call on WhatsApp. It also has status option where you can put status just like Snapchat for 24 hours.
best apps to chat with friends
Sometimes when I use WhatsApp, I feel like it is the best messaging app in the world. It’s just awesome.
You don’t know where to download WhatsApp?  Download WhatsApp Here .

3. Google Hangout

The better chance you have here is that you don’t even need to download this application because it is a follow come application.
This app allows users to chat, video call and even group chat with their loved ones or family members.  Since your phone is synced into  gmail, automatically you on on google hangout.
best apps to chat with friends
I deleted Google Hangout when I first saw this app in my phone. But later, I found out how important it was so I decided  to download it again.  Do you want to DOWNLOAD GOOGLE HANGOUT because you mistakenly deleted it?

4. Skype

Best apps to chat with friends

If I asked you if you know Skype, it would be a dumb question because Skype is very know across the globe. Though it makes use of internet connection but it has great features. Already, Skype is already known for videos, but you can also chat with families and friends, send special emoji to your loved ones. Now you see? This app is very important and one of the  best apps to chat with friends
Do you want to download the app? DOWNLOAD IT HERE

5. Telegram

Best apps to chat with friends

I don’t know of your country, but where I stay, this app is so underrated. This is a secretive app that explore all feature such a calls, text, emoji’s, video calls and so many things. One important attribute of this app is that, it takes your data and information very serious and secured.

Best apps to chat with friends

For instance, you can set a time destruct during your chat, and when it reaches the time you set, all chat would delete itself.  You can do this both in private chat and group chats. When the message erase itself, it does that for both parties.

Imagine an app that can accommodate up to 1,000,000 members without disturbing pop up ads? That should be impressive. Do you want to download Telegram? DOWNLOAD IT HERE NOW

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In conclusion

I recommend you to get this wonderful Best apps to chat with friends and  drive your boredom to the bottomless pit.

Means of communication has turned a new phase  for the better or worst. I feel one day, people would stop talking rather, they just text themselves while looking at each others.

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