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Awarding Student Grant in Canada


Awarding Student Grant in Canada

At Scrintal we are motivated to give something back to the community. To this end, we have launched the Scrintal 2021 scholarship program to provide financial support to motivated students.

Scholarships are intended to support students;

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  • financially to ease the burden of tuition fees
  • study materials
  • living expenses, and
  • various student expenses
    academics by providing free access to Scrintal to help create structure in the learning process
    socially and academically through exclusive access to the Scrintal community


Registration as an undergraduate (Bachelor) level student during the 2021/2022 study period.
Students from all disciplines, universities, colleges and geographic locations can apply. Scrintal includes these broad selection criteria to promote equal opportunities for all students worldwide.


  • $250 Grant
  • Trinka Premium 3-month membership (grammar and language correction tool for academic and technical writing)
  • Premium use of Scrintal products during the study period
  • Access to Scrital webinars and community events for productivity and learning techniques
  • Ongoing support from the Sprintal team in the areas of career planning, entrepreneurship, and academic life.


  • Applications are made using the application form in the link below. By filling out the application form, you will automatically be added to Scrital’s waiting list.

Apply now 

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