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All You Should Know Before Hiring An Immigration Lawyer


When your immigration application is denied, Immigration application could be so frustrating.

Using the services of a professional immigration attorney is often advised to speed up the application process and save you time and stress, but unfortunately, immigration fraud poses a serious threat to future applicants.

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Some fake lawyers slow down the application process so they can charge you more and always waste your valuable time and resources.

This article highlights the relevant issues that must be addressed before hiring an immigration attorney.

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1. Qualifications:

Lawyers must have a degree from a prestigious law school and an impressive reputation with their state legal association. You can also compare information on the Provincial Bar Association website.

2. Years of Practice:

Good knowledge of Canadian law should not be a criterion, but rather years of experience in Canadian law practice, which can make a huge difference in a power of attorney.

3. Similar cases:

It is important to know if your attorney is handling or has handled a unique case like yours. Asking if your attorney is handling a case like yours is a step in the right direction.

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You may have banned a case, make sure they have checked the case beforehand.

4. Top-up and payment method:

Your attorney should provide you with a contract in clear language that explains the fees you expect and the services to be provided.

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However, you still have to take part in the application process. No one will take your language test for you.

Your attorney should provide you with full details of the application process so you know what is expected of you.

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