Adekunle Gold Biography, Lifestyle, Age and relationship


Take a chill, let me sip some coffee before I proceed…. OK.. Clear throat!!  On this post, we are gisting you on Adekunle Gold Biography, Lifestyle, Age and relationship

He is such a fine young man( no gay). Do you know why I like this guy? He is just to simple, I mean very simple.

The first time i saw him was  at murtala muhammed he was so calm. I mean calm.

He doesn’t act like a celeb sha.

Well, I won’t waste match of all time I will just go straight to the point. What is our topic again? Ok.. Adekunle Gold Biography, Lifestyle, Age and relationship


Adekunle Gold Biography, Lifestyle, Age and relationship



Biography of Adekunle Gold

The ‘Gold’ attached to the Adekunle is just a stage name. His real name is Adekunle Kosoko. He was born into a royal family in Lagos state. (Wow, so he was even born with a silver spoon?)

He is inclined into entertainment and art, but his major focus right now as you may know is entertainment

Adekunle Gold was an expert in graphic design  before moving into entertainment world

As a songwriter, a performer, a singer and also according to him he has his own genre of music which he called Urban Highlife. 

Adekunle Gold Lifestyle

Unlike artists like davido, wizkid, tekno and other popular artists in nigeria who spend lavishly, Adekunle gold is an exceptional artists who love being confidential.

That is why you don’t see him  displaying his acquired wealth on social media like others.

But apart from the afore mentioned, he doesn’t really have that much to spend.

Let’s call a spade a spade.

Music Career of Adekunle Gold

King Sunny Ade and Ebenezer Obey were among few who inspired Adekunle Gold.

Because when he was little, he grew up listening to these legends.

When he was a teenager, he joined the children choir in his church and that was where he wrote his first song at the age of 15.

In 2014, he left his music crew he created while in school when he became solo singer.

On 19 of Dec. 2014, he released a cover song of One direction’s ” Story of my life” naming the song “shade.”

“Shade which went on to be nominated at the headies, 2015 headies.


He was nick named “king of Photoshop” when he photoshoped himself and Tiwa Savage hugging themselves.

You should know that, as an expert in graphic designer, this is a no hard task to him.

After the released of Shade, he joined YBNL record label on the 5 of march and released his first single ‘Orente”

City People Entertainment Awards nominated him as the most promising act of the year category in 2015.

He uncover his tracklist and cover of his debut studio album titled gold on the 18th of July 2016.

The album is of 16 track.

With the misical production from Pheelz, B Banks, Masterkraft, Sleekamo, Oscar and Seyikeyz

Although he it was released 3 days before its official released which was 25 July.

Upon it release before the official date, it was on number #7 spot at the Billboard World Album Chart for the week  of 13 August 2016.

His songs were review by top music critics.

His contract with YBNL expired after which her unveiled his music brand “The 79th Element” referencing it to the atomic number of gold.

Adekunle Gold Biography, Lifestyle, Age and relationship
Adekunle and the 79 Element


Networth of Adekunle Gold

Adekunle Gold’s Networth is valued to be $400000 as of 2018. But we would do more proper findings and come of with his current Networth.

Adekunle Gold Educational qualification

He studied Arts and Design which focus mainly on Graphics in Lagos state polytechnic

Adekunle Gold’s Relationship With Simi

Even before Adekunle Gold came to lime light, he was already dating Simi.


Here are some pictures below

Adekunle Gold Biography, Lifestyle, Age and relationship
Adekunle and simi before fame

Infact, his relationship with Simi was unclear because even after they got their fame, they were still very close without disclosing their relationship status.

This got people talking, just like the case of Wizkid and Tiwa Savage’s “fever”.

Because is rare to see two popular celebrities dating.

Adekunle Gold single “No Forget” sparked some controversies.

People interpretation of the song was that, he was broke before and therefore pleading on Simi to wait for him to be successful.


Here is some lyrical excerpts of the conversional song between Adekunle Gold and Simi

Adekunle Lines

Your mama say omo o, no follow i never chop
Make you find correct guy, no be love we go chop
Na me she dey talk about
Oro yen ka mi l’ara o
Je’n b’ese mi soro
Make i go hustle o
I want to take care of you baby
So je’n lo, it won’t be long o
I want to take care of you baby
So je’n lo, mi o ni pe de oloo mi………………If i go dem go toast you
No forget how far we’ve gone o baby


Simi’s Reply

You know that have been waiting
Have been waiting for you boy
You know my heart is breaking
Cos you gotta go boy
Make you hustle wella
Buy me panamera
But no follow bella
She can’t love you better
You want to take care of me baby
Oya maa lo, mo n reti ife mi
O ma ko’re bo, o ma ko’re de
Ololufe ololufe, don’t keep me waiting
Too long oh baby

In 12 Jun 2018, Adekunle gold partially confirmed that he is dating Simi.

When asked in an interview if he was actually dating Simi his didn’t say yes nor no but advise people to stay clear of his  relationship with Simi.

Had it being he wasn’t dating her, his answers would have being clearly No. Just Like many other celebrities.

Let us just say, he was dating her but wanted it to be confidential.

But even if their relationship was being hidden, it was Still visible to the blind and audible to the deaf that they were dating.

Adekunle Gold And Simi Marriage

Of course, their marriage had a mix reaction to the populace.

Adekunle Gold Biography, Lifestyle, Age and relationship
Adekunle Gold Biography, Lifestyle, Age and relationship

Some people were bewildered why some were not because they knew something like this may likely occur.

Adekunle Gold Biography, Lifestyle, Age and relationship
Adekunle Gold Biography, Lifestyle, Age and relationship

Their married was one of the most low profiled marriage among other celebrities.

During the time of their wedding, Adekunle later broke the long awaited new about himself and simi dating status.

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Adekunle Gold Biography, Lifestyle, Age and relationship is just something amazing, isn’t it?

I love when people ain’t loud on everything. They just surprise people.

That is one profile i would like to maintain.


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