9 ways to boost your blog traffic

We are here again to give you tips to boost your blog traffic. Blogging no doubt is one of the best and easy ways of earning online but if you have being into blogging for years, you will know it is very difficult to build traffic.

Of course, I have  created a lot of  blogs for people, and before I create it for them, I always advised them to be dedicated to blogging as blogging  is not a ” Get rich Quick’ platform. You may not get what you want immediately but you will get of on a long run. From their act toward blogging, I’ll know when a person blogs for Money or passion.

When I created this site, I used this tips to boost my blog traffic and with just a day old blog,  I was getting 290+ Unique and organic visitors. I was shocked though.

A lot of people who are making it today blogged for Passion sake and not for money, and before you know it, they are where they are today.

Owners of Sites like Nairaland.com , Lindaikejisblog.com, techcrunch.com, Egadget.com where people who never reasoned money before passion. I am not saying you should blog for blogging sake or serve your audiences without benefiting, but that should come later

How do you boost your blog traffic?

Above all, you need to be a good writer. You need to be creative. A lot of bloggers just write any trash that comes from their head and expect google to rank their blog. If you are not a good or creative writer, meet someone who is better than you to tutor and coach you on writing skills.


Her are the top secrets to boost your blog traffic below.

1. Have a Deep thinking on what you want to write

For you to write an article, you must know why you wish to write that particular article. What is your aim? What do you want them to do after reading your article? Of what importance is your article to the general public? Take down the question and provide answers to it before you start writing.

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2. Use a structure while writing your article

Why you are writing, use a clear post structure just like every other articles.

Introduction ( Make use of a good introduction ) I would advise you to be even more creative why writing your introduction.

Body ( this is the main part of a post. Where you explain every thing about the particular post you are writing )

Conclusion ( this is the process of summarising your important article)

3. Make use of paragraph

This is one vital way to boost your blog traffic. Almost every blogger use paragraph on their post but not every one knows how to use it well. For you to use a paragraph, make sure the paragraph has it own idea and subject.

The first sentence of a paragraph should summarize they entire idea of that paragraph. Then you explain that first sentence.

4. Make use of headings (H2, H3) on post

Heading is one of the most important Seo tools to boost your blog traffic. It it important not just for readability but also to Seo. With heading, the reader gets to understand more about what a particular article is all about .

Headings however helps google to grasp the main topic of a long post and through this, ranks your blog.

If you want your blog to rank on front page, use subheadings and see the magic. You can also use your focused keyword on your subheadings but not too much because it would look too unnatural and you may be penalised by Google.


5. Give your post to people to read before publishing

You may write an article and think you killed it without knowing that it is boring and not interesting to the general public or without knowing you made some mistakes on your post.

Before you publish your post, you should read that post, read it again incase of typographic errors then give it to someone to read. Don’t just write a post and publish with cross checking. When I write a post, I give it to at least 3 people to read and criticize whether it is a good article or not. And with this, you will find out that you are developing in your writing skills and also on Google ranking .

6. Write long contents

Google really love long contents. And for you to boost your blog traffic, you must write a nice long content. Your minimum words post should not be less than 300. This is to say, it should be 300 upward. I have read a lot of blogs that advises that Google love short descriptive post so far it comes with pictures,  it is not true because when you actually write a long post combine with subheadings, Google will assume that a reader will get to learn vastly from your blog because it will cover many subheadings, so it will first drive traffic to your blog before it considers short posts.

On some of my articles, I write over 1000 – 3000 words, so it’s no big deal. But only write long articles when you are skilled or creative if not, visitors may shy away visitors from your blog.

7. Make your post understandable and easy to read

Some blog post are too hard to read due to the factors below

  • Misspellings

  • Bad grammatical structure

  • Making use of complex vocabularies


They don’t cross check their post before publication so their blogs are filled with errors

Bad Grammatical structure

Their English are so bad that they themselves can’t read what they have posted. These kind of people need coaching in writing.

Making use of complex vocabularies

These are the kind of people that want to prove to their audiences that they went to oxford university.  They may even use vocabularies that are not in the dictionary just to prove that they are intelligent .

For google to rank your blog high, you must make your blog simple and readable to your audience.

8. Make use of internal link to boost your blog traffic

This is called inbound Backlink. Backlinks is very important to boost your blog traffic. It makes your post more stronger because you show some authority to that page. Of course, Google would understand that the post you are linking may be very important to the audience that is why emphasis wasng, rank your blog on search engine.

And of course, your audiences would like to read more catchy interesting post on you blog.

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9. Be regular in posting contents

Some people most once a week and expect Google to embrace them to front page.  As a blogger, your hobby should be writing, writing and writing. If you rarely post content, it would massively affect you blog and it will reduce in ranking.

When visitors visit your blog for 2 days and see same old update, they would see you as someone who is not serious then opt in for another updating blog.

Little Tip: Install Yoast SEO  it helps.

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Follow this tips to boost your blog traffic to front page and thank me later.

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