9 things you need to know when buying a new car

Are you a car lover? but you don’t know the kind and type of cars to buy, or you  are scared of buying a new car and get frustrated later on?

buying a new car
Things to know when buying a car

Then you don’t need to worry anymore because we’re here to give you 9 things you need to know when buying a new car.

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Most of us are not automotmobile experts. All we need is a means of transportation but, how do we get the best car without regretting it?

Things can be really frustrating especially when you don’t know the kind of car to buy.  You’re scared of losing a huge sum of money for something you may later regret.

When buying a new car you should choose wisely and also set a specific amount budgeted to buy that car.

9 things to know when buying a new car

1. Know your budget

Before you buy a new car you should set out a specific budget in buying that car. Questions like this should be asked, how much does the car cost ? can I afford it? Before shooting for the car.

But if your finance is low and you really need that car, I’m sure there are  places in your country where you can get some loans to purchase your desired car.

2. Independent third party evaluation

Get the car checked out by independence third party. Call either a mechanic or by any other source may be an expert in car dealings.

Don’t just go alone in buying a car, bring a third party who is an expert with you. He will examine the car to check if it is faulty.

3. Research about dealers and brand of car you want to purchase

Car dealer don’t want you to know this because, knowing this will boost your method on how to bargain strategically. Look into the car price compare prices brand and model before spending any dime.

you can also move from a car dealer to the other comparing the prices of a particular car in your mind. Some may be higher in price than the others. So this means you’ll definitely find a car that goes in line with your budget.

4. Do online research

You should at least try to compare 3 to 4 brands of cars in the same category then fish out the right one you are comfortable with.

Don’t just concentrate on a specific brand explore many brands as it may help you select the best choice.

Are you in search of a car to buy that will last long for you ? Then watch this video below from Autoguild.com, it might be of help to you

5. Every unfinished deal should be documented

In the process of buying a new car, the salesman promises you something which is not available at that point in time, it should be documented.

A handshake is nothing when the deal is not documented.

For instance, if a car comes with special packages and you later finds out there, don’t let him promise you without documenting when it would be available. But  when he refuse to put it in writing then you have every right to work out because, most of these salesmen are liars.

They may promise to give something the next time you come, when you come for the package, they may deny ever promising you since it was not documented.

But when it is being documented or writing they have no reason to lie to you because you’ve gotten  empirical evidence to sue them if the needs be.

6. Know your rights

Before buying a new car, you may want to get familiar with the warranty and return policy.

This is where some people have problems because, when they purchasing a new car they don’t read the warranty and return policies.

Maybe after purchasing the car and it starts giving them problem in future time, they will have to leave with what ever problem the car gives them because, they didn’t read the Warranty and Return policies.

Reading it give you an idea that you either return the car or give the car back to the dealers for them to get it repaired for free. But of course, they don’t know their right and when the car develops problem they begin to run from one mechanic to another.

7. Compare the fuel efficiency

Some cars are beautiful by appearance but good at sucking fuel within a short distance journey.

I’m sure that is not the kind of car you should  get for yourself.

When going to buy a car you should at least have four different list of cars in mind to purchase, from there you get the right one that doesn’t diminish fuel in large quantity.

As you know, experience is the best teacher so I will drop my experience here. I happened to buy a car 2014,  without any of this methods applied.

Yes!  I bought a car a new car and for the fact that it is a new car, there would be no problem, I said.

But as time goes on I regretted ever buying that car because, I had to warm it every morning so it will start,  and the worst part is he consumes a lot of fuel in just a short journey I was frustrated until I sold the car.

In 2015 i had to make some researches, browse the web, met people who were experts in cars before buying another car.

Believe you me from 2015 to 2019 the car has been serving me well with no form of regrets.

8. Be ready to negotiate

When going to buy a car, you shouldn’t just accept any price being thrown at you.

That is why before you buy car, ask other experts in car dealings how much a pacific car you have in mind is worth so that you won’t look like a newbie in car dealings to the dealers.

Even if it is your first time to get a car you shouldn’t act as one so you won’t get cheated.

9. Let the third-party test the car

You may be good at riding a car but how do you know if a car has a future problem?

There are some cars when you purchase them at that point in time, it seems to be working fine and everything seems to be perfect but, when you use them for some time it start developing unnecessary problems. So it is advisable to contact an expert in car to test the car and find out if there are any squeaks, rattles, or shimmies or check if a future problem may occur.

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