2 ways to install two whatsapp in one android phone

Today I am teaching you two secrets and tricks on how to install two whatsapp in one android phone.

Some people install two whatsapp in one android phone due to reasons best known to them.

Reasons people install two whatsapp in one android phone

Some people does this in order to test their girlfriends, spouse or fiancée. Maybe they have been suspecting their partner of cheating on them and they need empirical evidence in the process, they will want  to use another whatsapp account and number,  posing as someone else to see if she falls.

Also, some people  install two whatsapp in one android phone for the sole purpose of business.

I am very sure beyond reasonable doubt that, you might have tried many methods of installing two whatsapp in a single phone but all has proven abortive.

Well the good news is, you are in the right place to achieve this long awaited aim . It is noteworthy to tell you that, this tricks works 100% in all android phones.

Whatsapp as we have come to know is one of the most popular and useful messaging app in the world which can never be relegated to the backdrop as far as messaging is concerned. Imagine a messaging app with over 700 million users? Bigger than 10 countries put together, lolz.

So I decided to have 2 whatsapp on my single device but I couldn’t do that. I research extensively but I didn’t get what I wanted because other website told me to root my device which I don’t want to. Of course I would have giving up but I decided to do more research till I came up with a solution and so I decided to share it too you all and i hope it helps. With this method you can install two whatsapp in one android phone and use both of them without any form of errors.

Requirements needed to install two whatsapp in one android phone

As i have said earlier, you can’t install double whatsapp on a single device without other things being paid attention to. For you to install whatsapp in one android phone there are some requirements needed.

Note: It works In both rooted and unrooted phone, just follow the procedures below.

  • A good understanding mind
  • It also works with 2g/3g,4g network or wifi
  • You need a mobile phone
  • Download GBWhatsapp apk here = { Download GBWhatsapp }

Now without further delays let’s go to the steps below.

Step 1

install two whatsapp in one android phone

 Install GBWhatsapp HERE

Step 2

After downloading the GBWhatsapp above, proceed to the next step by installing the app in your phone

2 ways to install two whatsapp in one android phone2 ways to install two whatsapp in one android phone


Step 3

After you are finished downloading the gbwhatsapp and installing it in in your phone then you proceed by opening the app and putting your mobile number.

Note: The number you will put would be a secondary number. The first one you are already using is your original number and therefore your original number.

Step 4

After installing the gbwhatsapp and putting your mobile number in it an otp code would be sent to your number in which you used in registering the gb account. It will automatically verify itself in some seconds or when it don’t insert the code given box.


After a successful verification  you now have the opportunity to chat with two numbers in one mobile phone And boom!!! That is all. Just like normal whatsapp, you can chat with anybody around the globe.


What are the features of installing two whatsapp in one android phone

  • it was very smoothly on all android devices
  • It has many beautiful features you can check the gbwhatsapp page setting to see this futures
  • Powerful designed materials
  •  it works on all phones, rooted or not
  • It has the blue tick.
  • There is no form of ban on this gb whatsapp or like whatsapp plus
  • Calling features are also available
  •  Availability of custom icon
  • Hides last seen unlike whatsapp plus
  • Latest apk updates
  • It also shares big files in some minutes

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before I got this methods I did toons of research before seeing the legit  means updating two accounts. Other sites let me give you clue on methods on how install two whatsapp in one android phone but most of them don’t work because they might have been outdated hotel in Gistfarm will bring you the latest gist and update  that will work perfectly for you.

Now back to work let go to the second method on how to open or install 2 whatsapp in one android phone


Method 2

Maybe you have tried the first method but nothing worked out, I have another method in which I’m going to show you and let’s hope it works out which it is supposed to as long as you have an android phone. Let us get down to business.

 Second method to install two whatsapp in one android phone

Now for you to use this method go to play store and download parallel space app or you can download it HERE 

What is Parallel Space App

A parallel app is a kind of app that allows you to operate  multiple account of the same app at the same time whereby you can switch to the other account with just a tap.

Over 90 million users make use of Parallel Space App. And with good reviews from Google playstore, I recommende it for you.

Download App HereHere

After you are done downloading this parallel space app then you launch it, look for gb whatsapp which you had downloaded then tick Add to parallel space Button

When you’re done adding the gb whatsapp on the parallel space app you launch the whatsapp by clicking on it as seen in the photo below.

Install two WhatsApp on one android phone

After launching the app, verify your secondary number in that app.

Install two WhatsApp on one android phone

You can now start enjoying two whatsapp in one android phone so you see it’s not  hard to open or install two whatsapp  in one android phone.  just follow these two methods and everything is done within some minutes.


In Conclusion

Using two whatsapp in the same phone can be very entertaining and these are my two cents. Please in case you want to suggest new ideas on this topic or outside the box or you have problem why creating this account, comment so we can work over it together.



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