10 ways to live a healthy lifestyle


Have you ever had a thought about ways to live a healthy lifestyle ? Of course everybody want to live a healthy lifestyle but how can this be accomplished?

ways to live a healthy lifestyle

Unless you live in a wilderness, you would not want to know the ways to live a healthy lifestyle because everyone else does want to live a healthy lifestyle. Of course we all think the common way of living healthy which is by drinking of water, eating of fruits vegetables and other recipes that keeps the body in good shape but, that alone cannot take 100% of good healthy lifestyle.

There other good effortless things which you can also do to add to the aforementioned ways to live healthy listed above

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Kester decided to drink enough water, eat fruits and vegetables then sleep, thinking that was the only to keep his body healthy biut in some weeks he was getting fatter. That is not the kind of healthy living I would like to live . So on this post I will give you 10 solid points on ways to live a healthy lifestyle with no struggle.

Many people don’t care about their health, the eat whatever they see without confirming it source, and of course this is a very bad eating habits. Remember the saying, “health is wealth.” You may have the money but you’re not leaving healthy and of course this is frustrating because health is something money can’t buy. But when you have good health you have gotten wealth and health.

Other good health tips includes sleeping, meditating and exercising your body everyday.

So let us go down to the main discussion on ways to live a healthy lifestyle.


Ways To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

1. Avoid Protected Food

Amongest World Health Organization ( WHO ) list of dangerous food, Processed food one of those foods that causes cancer.

Processed foods are packaged with chemicals which are prone to cause damages to the system. Eat natural foods like fruit vegetable meat such as chicken and trust me it is worth it.

2. Try walking long distances once a while

You don’t keep entering cab everyday. Have you tried walking long distance by foot before? I mean not everyday but once in a while. Try doing this because it keeps your body and heart fit.

At times I work 5km not because I have no money to take a cab or not because don’t have a ride but because I decided to take one day off from using an automobile to get to my destination.

3. Avoid drinking too much

Some people drinks themselves to stupe without thinking of the damages is alcohol causes to their system. I know alcohol might be addictive in some cases but try to control yourself by drinking it once a week or if you can’t control your drinking habit I will advise you to visit a therapist.

Alcohol cause damages to the liver therefore too much intake is bad to the health but also good to the wallet.

4. Go on vacation

According to scientists, smiling intentional can make you feel better. Just a mere smile can bring happiness to you so why decide not to be happy?  There is no way you are on vacation without wearing a smiling face.

Take a break from work in some cases when you seems stressed up and try making yourself happy. You have all your life working

5. Be positive and optimistic about everything

You should abstain from any thoughts of negativity. That alone brings hopelessness. Always be optimistic about anything good.

How you set your mind on a particular subject determines how it will succeed.  So you should always see it as if it has been accomplished already.

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6. Stay Away from bad relationship with lovers or friends

Stay away from toxic relationship with lovers and friends Yes this is very important and vital because I experienced it first hand . I once had a very bad relationship status with a lady who I thought I love. Actually never i knew I was killing myself because I dedicated all my time trying to make her happy. This is to  say that I displeased myself to please her, but I found out that it is not worth it. I thought about a saying that says “when you are dating a girl and she/he makes you sad or cry everyday sit and ask yourself am i dating a human or  an onion?” So I decided to end a two years relationship with her just to be happy and of course it really helped.

7. Participate in all round Physical activities

Participate in physical activities is another ways to live a healthy lifestyle. Most of the people that don’t participate in any physical activities and mostly those people that are obesed. Try to go out with friends ride on bicycles go swimming play football participate in running and other social activities that bring fitness to the body.

Another Activities that helps is going for early morning jogging or hitting the gym in the morning. It keeps u fit for the rest of the day.

8. Read anything readable

Do you know that when you read everyday, it make your brain very responsive and active? Don’t limit yourself to a particular book when reading. it is  advice that you read any book your hand gets hold of  because it skyrocket your hippocampus.

9. Get a news hubby

It is advised that you should do what ever you love doing so far it makes you happy. Take for instance in your working place you’re always unhappy because of maybe the way your boss mistreat you. Of a true this causes psychological breakdown.  Try getting a new job where you be comfortable and happy at doing it.

10. Don’t care about what other people are saying about you

I once had a cousin sister (name withheld ) who was just a normal casual girl that people castigate or talk about behind. But she kept on leaving her life and kept doing what made her happy without looking at her critics but now, she is not only a millionaire but a celebrity. If you had listen to what people were saying about her should still remain stock when she will was before.  She lived  her life and chases her dream. Now those people  castigating her still  are struggling to take pictures with her.



Conclusion, follow this steps and ways to live a healthy lifestyle is guaranteed.

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